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Look Who Showed Up

New Arrivals

Who doesn’t love a new hat? Check out our latest additions in each collection. Rest assured, we still got you covered.

Functional Fashion


Eager to expand their father’s business, the original Goorin Brothers launched the Grenadier collection catered to the hunter, fisherman, and camper alike.  Put your hat to the test. These will withstand the elements and last long enough to tell your story.

A Bold Look At Tradition


Obsessed and committed to the finest fabrics worldwide. Every hat is a one-of-a-kind possession made from scratch by a real person with a unique story. You will feel the craftsmanship when you hold and examine the details of each hat.

An Everyday Favorite


Made famous by the heroes of America’s favorite pastime, fans soon brought this hat off the field to make it the most popular, casual style.



A brimmed hat with a pinched crown that effortlessly elevates any outfit. This hat is still the most prevalent shape because it can be so easily suited to one’s personality and features.

American Made Wide Brim Fedora

Mammoth Lakes

Where fashion meets function, this addition to our Grenadier collection is far from simple. A wide brim fedora blocked in America from a packable wool felt and finished with a stampede strap/hat band combination for when the wind picks up. Antique brass eyelets in the crown will help you keep your cool when the adventure gets heated.

Silver Fox

Trucker Baseball

Old Town

6 Panel Duckbill Ivy