4 Cool Ways to Store Your Hats

When it comes to your personal hat collection, it's only fitting to store and organize them in an elegant way. After all, a beloved hat that you've held onto for years probably has sentimental value, whether it's a memory or a symbol of your individuality. Hats are a timeless, no-throw-away accessory. Your collection is only going to grow larger and larger the longer you're a hat wearer (and we do hope that's a long time).


Pictured: (top left to bottom right) Sir Royal straw Panama, Mick Bloom flip up fedora, Tina Flapper cloche, Carlo Malone fedora and Boat Party straw Panama boater.

Because of your ever-enduring accumulation of hats, we're advising all hatters to spring-clean their hat collection. Say goodbye to digging around in drawers for that flat cap or finding your fedora bent out of shape from improper storage. Ahead are four creative ideas, including hat racks and hangers, that'll keep your hat collection organized, clean and looking sophisticated.

1. Display your hats on a cork board at the office.


Turn your basic cork board into a hat rack to keep your hats organized, not to mention it doesn't hurt to play up the eye candy that is your beautiful collection of Goorins. Simply use tacks and place your hats over top for an elegant display that keeps your hats off the desk. You can get a little extra use out of your hat rack by adding hat pins, incorporating a "hat of the day" into a cork board calendar, or hanging your favorite accessories, jewelry and hat brush with your hats. Get creative with your display because the possibilities are endless. Just remember, hats with a shapely brim, like fedoras or top hats, should not be left laying flat on their brim for too long. Switch them out every now and then, or even better, wear 'em.

2. Store your hats using our Goorin Bros. Hat Boxes.


You'll want to make room in your closet or on your shelves for our Goorin Bros. Hat Boxes. Hat boxes are an easy, elegant way to store your hats properly. They prevent dust and dirt from getting near your hats, ensuring your hats will have the longest lifespan possible. Plus, the rope handles make them easy to tote and travel friendly. Some basics with using hat boxes: always store your fedora, top hat, bowler or straw hat upside down on its crown and not on its brim, to prevent flattening of the brim. Place the rope over the lid and tighten by pulling the rope handle out from its side. To distinguish which hats are in which hat box, we recommend writing the shapes or hat names in gold marker on the lid or on tags.

3. A hat hanger in the front entrance of your home makes it easy to grab-and-go with your Goorin.


If you're like us, you've probably had that "duh" moment when you forget to throw on a hat just before leaving the house. Never feel disappointed about a naked head ever again by displaying your hats at the front entrance or hallway of your home. A hat hanger is ideal for organizing your hat collection and makes it easy for you to grab or store a hat without using much space in your home. Another plus? A hat hanger won't flatten your hat's brim, so you don't need to worry about switching them out as much. Just don't forget to brush the dust off of 'em with a hat brush every so often — a happy hat requires regular hat care to stay in tip top shape.

4. Utilize deer antlers for hat racks.


Storing hats in a way that you can see them all can be quite the challenge. A hat rack is one of the best ways to not only organize your hats, but it allows you to view them all at once, making it easy for you to choose your hat of the day. On a wall, mount decorative deer antlers to make it easy to pick and choose a hat while creating a picturesque display. An alternate option is using a peg hat rack, which you can fashion into a DIY project by painting it in colors of your choosing. This also requires some switching out with the hats, particularly with fedoras. Pegs can slowly contort a hat's shape, so it's important to remove hats off the wall once in a while. We recommend using hat boxes to store hats that are taken off the hat rack for a little respite.

Hatters, don't forget these hat storage tips to increase the longevity of your hat.

When you've got a hat that's as timeless and top quality as a Goorin, you'll want to store it in the most beneficial way possible. Remember our proper hat care tips and these basic rules when it comes to storing your hats, and we guarantee that your hat will be just as handsome and fresh as it was the first time you put it on.

Do not store hats on pegs for long periods of time. While hat pegs and racks look great as displays, they can cause your hat to misshapen if hung up for too long. We recommend using wider, less pointy pegs so as not to cause a dimple in the hat. Switching out the hats on pegs and placing them in hat boxes will help increase their longevity.

Make sure your hat is dry before storing it in a hat box. Moths are attracted to moisture, which is why it's important to take preventative care of your hat before storing it. The best strategy for keeping moths away is to make sure a hat is clean and dry. Check that your hats are moisture-free, or after removing a hat for the day, let it air dry on a clean surface before storing it away.

Never leave your hat in enclosed heated areas. There's nothing more less-than-dapper than leaving hats scattered about in the backseat of a car that's been parked in the hot sun. Heat can do some serious damage to a hat, causing it to misshapen or shrink. Avoid leaving your hat in a car or near lamps and radiators for long periods of time.

Always place your hat upside on its crown. If you're placing your hat on a flat surface or in a hat box, it's important to face your hat down on its crown rather than on its brim. This helps prevent the brim from misshaping and flattening out, particularly with hats that have a curled brim.

Only place your hat on clean, dry surfaces. It's common for desks and table tops to have dirt and oils on them, which can cause your hat to stain. Remember to clean and dry surfaces before placing your hat down.

Use lavender to protect fur and wool hats from moths. Fur and wool can attract moths, which thrive in storage boxes with packed away hats and clothing. We recommend placing lavender in hat boxes to repel moths, plus keep your hats smelling fresh.

A hat is a classic accessory, meant to last you a lifetime. With all the memories your hat carries with it, it'd be a shame to let its home, whether it be a hat hanger or hat box, fall short in safekeeping and presentation. Your Goorin deserves the finest, and with these storage and organization tips, your hat collection will definitely keep its good shape and sophistication.

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