Bonnie & Clyde Hats

Style icons have the ability to fascinate the public eye, especially when they’re star-crossed lovers committing armed robbery and murder. Legendary partners in crime Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker rose to fame during the 1930’s Great Depression era doing just that. No matter the financial difficulties or law breaking agenda, these outlaws each made time for their appearances and held them in high regard. Suits were ironed, red lipstick and heels were on, and a hand was always grabbing ahold of the hat when running away from the cops.


No, it’s not a good look to be dressed to the nines whilst in a mugshot (yes, they’re worse than selfies, although we’re sure Bonnie would’ve been adept in the art of taking her own photo). Despite their criminal records, this duo, who lived in poor circumstances and possessed a perplexing backstory, dressed and carried themselves in such a way that was liberating in an intriguing “live fast, die young” mantra sort of way.


These wrongdoing lovers pioneered 1930’s gangster fashion that went beyond their reputation. In particular, it’s gratifying for us to see hats are the most distinctive part of characters’ costumes for the Bonnie & Clyde miniseries premiering on History, A&E Television Network and Lifetime this December. The sharp fedoras, dapper flat caps and posh berets worn by the Barrow gang are indeed bold choices not meant for the sartorially meek. At Goorin Bros., we’ve got plenty of coveted Bonnie & Clyde hat-alikes to bring out the dapper gangster in you, sans gun-wielding. Just be prepared to intimidate and dressed to kill.

Clyde’s Fedoras


Back in the day, your hat was an indicator of your social standing. Clyde was fashionable no matter how poor and wore a range of classic wide brimmed felt fedoras that became a marker for him. The American made Joey the Wolf fedora’s blended felt, tall crown, nice pinch and grosgrain hat band are a powerful combo. Red Ricci is another American made fedora of a buttery felt with a smooth center dent, a trait that pays homage to the dapper gents from the times. Truly a piece for the individualist, the felt fedora adds drama to any outfit and tells a story about the wearer. We recommend you wear the fedora with a snap of the brim to let others know who’s boss.

Bonnie’s Berets


Along with her chic neck scarf, flattering A-line skirt and painted fingernails, Bonnie wore the iconic beret hat. It’s one of those uncommon yet cool and effortless pieces that shakes things up, in a good way of course. The European made Barushka wool felt and Magda knit berets are elegant toppers perfect for any ladylike winter ensemble, plus come in a variety of colors. Remember, the beret is a statement making hat, and nothing is sexier than a woman who wears one with confidence.

Buck’s Ivys


The ivy, also known as the flat cap, was first adorned by British immigrants in America and continued to be a smartly styled hat for dapperly dressed men. The ivys seen on Buck Barrow, the loose cannon brother of Clyde, are all different in shape and have as much character as the fedora hat. The Italian made Fredrico low profile ivy comes with a button snap cap in a timeless plaid pattern with an unexpected pair of inner earflaps that can be worn down for extra warmth. The Sammy is an American made gatsby distinguished by its full top. With a traditional button top and strong bill, the gatsby ivy is another classic hat of the late 1920’s.


Recreate the spirit of Bonnie & Clyde with our bold selection of Bonnie & Clyde Inspired Hats, many which are Heritage Collection classics hand-crafted and hand-blocked at our factory in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, America’s oldest hat maker established in 1868. Don’t forget to tune in on December 8th for the premiere of Bonnie & Clyde on History, A&E Television Network and Lifetime.

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