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  • One Merchant's Story of Pride

    Our West Village Goorin Bros. Hat Shop created this fantastic photo spread to help promote Pride Week in their store. We invite you to share in one merchant's retelling of the experience from a letter he wrote to us. Take it away, Blake:

    Goorin_Pride1I am so glad you liked the pride promotion and am happy for the chance to tell you about it.

    As June approached, rainbow flags began popping up everywhere. The neighborhood around our West Village shop was buzzing in technicolor anticipation of the annual Pride celebration.

    2014 marks the 45th Anniversary of both the Stonewall riots and the start of the LGBT civil rights movement.

    On June 28, 1969, police raided The Stonewall Inn, a private club catering to the gay and lesbian community. Thirteen people were arrested, igniting a riot and a social revolution. This day is commemorated every year with a parade, giving members of the community and its supporters a chance to march with pride, to honor those who paved the way for future generations and to remember how far we have come. The parade here in NYC draws over one million spectators and participants. LGBT Pride is now celebrated worldwide in cities and nations across the globe.

    The Stonewall Inn, on Christopher Street, is only a block from our shop in the West Village. I walk by it everyday on my way to and from work.

    Thinking about this inspiring community, I wanted to do something at the shop to show support to our neighbors, customers and co-workers. The distinctive style of our hats seemed to be a good match with this rousing celebration.

    I figured a photo shoot for Instagram and other social media could showcase our hats on gay and lesbian couples in a sweet, flirty and tasteful light. I would accent the hats with a few simple rainbow accessories but keep the focus on the way the hats accented the couples.

    I brought this idea to Alex and Ben and they gave me the thumbs up to go for it. With enthusiasm, I designed and hand made a couple of custom rainbow hatbands and feather accessories. I called up photographer and good friend, Michael Yeshion, to shoot and I asked a few attractive friends, including my very handsome boyfriend, to model with me.

    The neighborhood was our backdrop, specifically Gay Street, the front of The Stonewall Inn and Christopher Park, across the street from the Inn.

    Christopher Park in Sheridan Square is famous for its Gay Liberation Monument, a sculpture created by NYC native George Segal in memory of the riots of 1969 and to honor the LGBT civil rights movement. This sculpture consists of four individual statues aligned in pairs. A pair of women sit together and a pair men stand together. These white lacquered statues have resided in Christopher Park for more than two decades and remain there today, still sitting pretty and standing tall. The sculpture exemplifies pride and perfectly fit my vision for the shoot.

    In addition to the photo shoot and social media promos, I wanted to give our customers something tangible as a way to say thank you and to show that we support them--a rainbow hatpin to wear on their Goorin hats and show their pride. Alex helped me order hatpins online and we attached them to business cards to give away at the register. I decorated the shop window with rainbow accents and we celebrated Pride week with our friends, neighbors and extended Goorin family.

    Many of our customers and co-workers are members of the LGBT community. Our shops are found in the heart of these communities in major cities nationwide--communities that are known for being authentic, theatrical, unique, stylish and bold. What's more Goorin than that?

    Best Regards, Blake

    Blake is a merchant in West Village and all-around great guy, even when he isn't selling hats. This talented, genuine and friendly person has graced our West Village shop with his presence since September of last year. We are proud to stand by our brothers and sisters in support of the LGBT community. Love is Love.

  • Poolside Fashion: Glam with a 1940's Twist


    The packable Mrs. Davis straw floppy hat

    While poolside fashion usually brings to mind tropical swim trunks and everything "itsy bitsy", the truth is that the pool warrants just as much of a fashion statement as any other setting. Featuring 1940's inspired fashion with a modern twist, we styled our Poolside collection of packable summer hats with fresh pool outfits from Mystery Mister. From retro one-pieces, Don Draper-esque swim shorts, to chic cover-ups, our friends from Mystery Mister, a great little vintage shop in the famous Haight and Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, was chock-full of amazing clothes to pair with our hats. See the highlights from our Poolside photo shoot, and make sure to check out Mystery Mister the next time you're in the city by the Bay!

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  • Meet the Photographer Behind California Girls


     The Lady in Red fedora in black along with the final draft of California Girls lining tip stickers.

    Meet Kelly Hsiao, the award-winning pin-up girl photographer who, in addition to exhibiting her work at galleries in San Francisco, New York, and Madrid, recently worked with Goorin Bros. on the California Girls summer collection. Hailing from the Bay Area, Hsiao has photographed all kinds of women in glamorous boudoir and pin-up style, and her photography went together perfectly with the beach and summer-ready hats of California Girls. Hats from the collection feature Hsiao's pin-up girl photography on the lining, including a beach babe laying atop a surf board, adding a fun little risqué detail for the wearer. Learn about the pin-up photography behind California Girls in our interview with Hsiao.

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  • The Kentucky Derby Style Guide

    Kentucky Derby Hat Style

    The Kentucky Derby: since 1875 it has been revered as one of the world's most exciting sporting events. However, in addition to the race itself, there is one thing that makes the Kentucky Derby even more exciting (in our eyes and the eyes of spectators, we're sure). No, we're not just talking about the betting, Derby parties and day-drinking (although we do fancy ourselves a tasty mint julep): the Kentucky Derby is most definitely a hatter's fashion event, and a fun one at that.

    With just a few days before the big race, we've created the Kentucky Derby Style Guide to help hatters get dressed, look sharp, and top it all off with a statement-making straw hat from the Goorin Bros. Derby Collection. You know what they say: come for the horses, stay for the hats. Here's how to style your Derby hat with good-looking, modern twists that add the touch of glamour required for the event.

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