• Bet on the Kentucky Derby in Goorin Style

    This year, Goorin Bros. crafted a classic Kentucky Derby hat collection of stylish toppers created with the historic horse race in mind. The collection includes limited edition custom Kentucky Derby hats created by our expert milliner in San Francisco, each style made with carefully chosen trims and a Goorin Hat Box. The collection also offers ready-to-wear summer straw hats and accessories to revamp any hat with a touch of Derby.


    Goorin Bros. milliner Ron Schiller sewing the trim on the Lady Diana floppy hat in the flagship North Beach Hat Shop.

    Once you look the part for Kentucky Derby, learn how to wager like a champ. Join us as we bet in style with TwinSpires, the official online wagering site of the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs. To help hatters get ready for the 140th "Run for the Roses" we partnered with TwinSpires who showed us bold betting styles that pair handsomely with our Kentucky Derby hat collection. Find out which wager suits your Goorin hat best and if you're feeling lucky, make a wager yourself with an exclusive Goorin Bros. $20 betting credit at www.twinspires.com/goorin.

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  • 3 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Favorite Hat

    Experienced hatters usually have a go-to favorite hat. You know, the one that fits oh-so-perfectly and magically looks good every time you wear it, even with bedhead and serious mirror neglect. Now, when a hat has scars and markings, it adds character. Every ding simply becomes a mark in its history. However, dust and spots (which are prone to happen after years of wear) cause a less-than-dapper appearance, and an unpolished hat leads to an unhappy head, not to mention an unsophisticated wardrobe, which we can’t stand behind.

    As a general rule, if you love a hat, you should treat it with love — it’s only the gentlemanly and ladylike thing to do. Maintaining it is key to its lifespan and appearance. There’s no need to walk around in a dusty, spotted hat, especially when you’ve got the expertise of Goorin Bros. right at your fingertips. Start with these three quick, easy-to-do DIY cleaning tips to spruce up and restore your hat to its original, spiffy exterior.

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  • S.F. Tastemakers Style The Last Originals Hats

    If you’ve ever been to the Bay Area, you’re probably familiar with San Francisco’s uniqueness. The city (where your beloved hat makers’ H.Q. is based) is chock-full of fashion, design and tech’s talented up and comers. S.F. is the breeding ground for individuals who blaze their own paths, and in an over-saturated world abounding with blogs and start-ups that misuse trite buzzwords, pioneers in style are rare to come by.


    For those of you who don’t know: do your homework, or maybe you'll want to pack up your belongings and join us in the city by the Bay, 'cause S.F. is often the starting point for today’s finest tastemakers. We asked The Bon Vivants and Trick Dog founders Josh Harris and Scott Baird, and Refinery29’s S.F. Editor Angela Tafoya to style their favorite hats from The Last Originals collection. Who better to ask for hat styling tips than this influential trio hailing from the Bay Area, and to top it off, all have really cool gigs that cement their aesthetic expertise? Get schooled as these S.F. tastemakers give us their insights on how to attain that perfectly-put-together outfit with their Goorin.

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  • The History of the Top Hat

    Hatters, if you've never owned a top hat, you should. While we understand the worries and doubts about styling a top hat for everyday wear (if your brain quickly associates the top hat with steampunk, Abraham Lincoln, or Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter — we don't blame you), we wholeheartedly disagree with the common preconceptions surrounding this classic topper. The top hat is a statement making piece and while obviously not a hat for the sartorially meek, it's what we'd call a game changer that's made its mark in history and cemented its place in today's fashion.


    This New Year's Eve, us folks at Goorin Bros. are donning our top hats over our dapper outfits as we toast to 2014 in bold fashion. As an homage to the classic top hat, we're going to shed light on its rich history.

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