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  • The Next Generation of Cut and Sew Hats


    Ted Goorin, one of the Goorin brothers, understood from an early age that skill, experience, and an unwavering commitment to using the finest materials makes a quality hat great. By working hand-in-hand with master tailors from Italy, Great Britain and in America, we've created the next generation of cut and sew hats. Brought to you from skilled and highly passionate craftsmen committed to fit and obsessed with detail. Take a gander at Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew Collection and find a crafted hat to make your own.

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  • Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew

    Cassel Goorin's legacy lived on through his children, Alfred and Ted. One of the two brothers inspired our newest line - Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew. Ted had a passion for cut and cloth from a young age to his adulthood and this soon became our inspiration.

    We continue his obsession with craftsmanship through impeccable tailoring and rich textiles in our hats. From flatcaps to gatsby caps to fedoras, each style is steeped in tradition and each material is carefully picked from the finest mills worldwide.

    Only the most exquisite tweeds and wools go into our palette with colors and textures that tell a story of their own. The most durable leathers and seudes are used to construct fedoras and flatcaps so that each style will gain its own unique character over time. A Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew hat holds not only our personal family history but the story of every man and woman who sews a thread, blocks a hat, or cuts a piece of fabric.

    Collaborating with other family owned hat companies, we strive to provide the best headwear from America, The United Kingdom, and soon, Italy. These hats are meant to be worn often, protect the wearer from the elements, become a marker of identity, and add comfort and confidence to your wardrobe.

    We invite you to see and feel the latest additions to our family. Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew is available in all Goorin Bros. hat shops and .

    Photos by Alex Bershaw.

  • British Flatcap Collection

    Our British Flatcap Collection is made in collaboration with Olney Headwear who has long been recognized as a producer and supplier of fine quality hats. The company, based in Luton, England, was established in 1914 by Albert E. Olney. It is now owned and run by the fourth generation of Olney's who continue to manufacture and distribute quality hats.

    Thatcher is the ultimate versatile flatcap for the transitioning weather. Buttoned up, it's the ideal fall cap. But buttoned down, the earflaps provide a little more protection from the elements. The hidden chin strap becomes a design element and a functional piece.

    Fletcher's wool tweed encompasses how a gatsby cap should look and feel like. With satin fabric lining the inside of all our British Flatcaps, one will feel the luxury from the inside out.

    There's no surprise why Goorin Bros. would partner with the Olney family. By combining our American tradition, started by Cassel Goorin, with their British class and craftsmanship, we deliver this top notch line of hats for the colder seasons. After all, over 200 years of hatmaking experience combined can only result in quality headwear. Pick up one of our new British made flatcaps and feel the history in every stitch.

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