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  • Escape Artist Revealed

    Enter the show and watch our newest group of hats come to life with mesmerizing looks  inspired by the magical theater of the early 1900s. Escape Artist expertly morphs vintage aesthetic, charm and mystery into a collection of contemporary fedoras, ivy, newsboy, top hat and tie.


    See for yourself and witness the full collection here.


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  • The Beret Hat

    The beret hat is an iconic piece of headwear that has transformed itself through different eras, groups and movements. It was originally used by the French military in the late 17th century and has since become the unifying symbol for the French and Spanish working class, a religious reminder for Rastafarians, and a revolutionary statement with Latin Americans, the Black Panther and Provisional Irish Army.

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  • Goorin Style Profile: Beret Hats

    Berets are back and we're calling it! These chic and colorful toppers add an extra exclamation to any outfit.

    Our Goorin HQ ladies decided to take our new Berets for a spin and show you how they can be worn many different ways!


    Amy - Product Coordinator 

    1. What is you favorite type of hat? My favorite type of hat is one that's no fuss and travel friendly. If a cute, simple cloche keeps its shape with multiple wears, it's definitely a must-have.
    2. Why do you think every woman(or man) should own a beret? Berets are seasonless, chic and can be styled in a lot of different ways - not just "Parisian chic". I think they allow you to add your own personal touch to them too, so if you have a less girly sense of style, you can still wear them with a pair of jeans or a leather skirt. Plus they're easy to throw on as a topper and fix up any outfit. Continue reading
  • Feel Cool Jazz

    Feel Cool Jazz in our new collection of smooth and sultry hats with deep tones and contrasting fabrics that fuse together in true Bebop jazz fashion.


    Feel Cool Jazz from Goorin Bros. on Vimeo.


    Inspired by the soulful sounds of 1950s jazz, we created a group of hats influenced by the music of the time and the heart and soul of the era's finest musicians. We added a two-toned design throughout the fedoras by chopping the hats up like a bebop solo. We also added long, deep, soulful trumpet notes of color throughout the hat bands. Continue reading

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