• Los Lobos Locos - A Story of a Band

    The Goorin Bros. culture embraces and nurtures local artists and musicians providing them with a venue to showcase their talent.

    From the Venice boardwalk to a national tour, Los Lobos Locos has been playing Goorin Bros. hat shops regularly since being discovered by Melrose shopkeeper Mariana Lopez.

    Their paths have been linked since.  This is their story.


    Check out our Events page to see if a hat shop near you is hosting a music night.

  • A Guide to Flatcaps

    Commonly referred to as an ivy, duckbill, driving cap, newsboy or gatsby - a flatcap is made from fabric that is cut and sewn into a rounded cap with a small brim. Our expert hatter, Nathaniel takes you through the different types of flatcaps and their fits through a video guide. We hope this helps ease your fears in trying out new hat  shapes.

    Watch Part 1 of "How To Pick Your Perfect Flatcap" below and learn the subtle differences between the Duckbill & Halo Ivy.

    Watch the full video, including the gatsby and different ivys here

    Shop our full collection of flatcaps now, where you will find the fine styles featured in the video - Winnie, Roger That and Liam.

  • Heritage Mugshots Revealed

    Sydney, Australia from 1912 through 1930 sets the scene for the inspiration behind the images that appear before you. An anonymous photographer captured countless mug shots of arrested suspects for the Sydney Police Department. The black and white photographs captured physical appearance, but more strikingly, the soul, character and tenacity of each individual.

    We present our new line of American Made Hats from the Heritage Line in the same manner. Watch and witness Heritage Mugshots Revealed

    Guido Delgado is an American made stingy brim A-crown felt fedora hat. Worn at an angle, this fedora can create signature style.

    Soft and lightly colored, Fast Minnie is an ideal felt cloche hat for those with feminine attributes. This sweet American made cloche is a new shape to our Heritage Collection.

    Red Ricci is an American made hand-creased A-crown felt fedora hat. With new colors in  it's repertoire, it is truly a Goorin classic which can be easily styled in a variety of ways.

    Tina Flapper is a classy American made felt cloche hat that's a staple in any closet. Wear for an elegant night out in your finest dress.

    Dean the Butcher is a classic American made wool felt fedora hat popularly worn by business men from the 1940s to the early 1960s. A "power hat" indeed, it can be worn a variety of way simply by flipping the brim or tilting the hat.

    Beverly Corleon is an American made asymmetrical felt fedora hat reminiscent of 1950's movie starlets. It is a sophisticated hat that screams Hollywood bombshell from every angle.

    In the Joey the Wolf fedora, you'll be wearing your hat like a king wears his crown. This American made hat is notoriously classic with its pinch, prominent, wide crown and cool flecked wool felt body.


    The Heritage Line is available in all hat shops and online.

    Be our partner in crime and share your version of Heritage Mugshots with us by tagging #GoorinMugshots on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

  • The Hat Shop

    A video from our very own merchants at Yaletown Hat Shop in Vancouver. An animated look into how it might feel like walking into one of our shops for the first time.

    Watch as a little bit of hat magic unfolds before your eyes...

    The talented creators of this video are Goorin's very own Daryl-Lynn Ramsay and Elijah Yutuc. "With [Elijah's] skills in photography, we instantly knew we should do a stop motion piece! We were very inspired by our hat shop and knew we wanted to integrate it," Ramsay explains about the idea that took a year to come alive. She adds, "It actually only took a few weeks to get the shooting done and since then I've been compositing, editing and getting the sound done on my spare time." Truly a passion project, "The Hat Shop" is a great example of the talent we have right under our brims.


    Find a Goorin Bros. Hat Shop near you and witness the magic in person.

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