Cuban Drink Recipes Inspired by Cuba Libre


On a hot summer day, nothing beats kicking back in the company of close friends with an ice-cold drink in hand. To mix things up in true Goorin fashion, we asked Trick Dog's mixologist Morgan Schick to concoct Cuban drinks inspired by our Cuba Libre straw hat collection. What better way to welcome the warm weather than delicious Cuban cocktails and a perfectly-paired straw hat to match?

Grab a hat, put on your best linen shirt, light a cigar, and load up on rum as you take part in our favorite summer tradition (that is, to eat, drink and be merry) with an authentic Havana twist. Read on for four easy-to-make Cuban drink recipes that are as delicious as they are good-lookin'.

Mongo Santamaria

Mongo Santamaria takes inspiration from the classic Cuban drink, El Presidente, which was first crafted during the 1920's at a jockey club in Havana, the city and era that fostered Prohibition drinks. This sweet-yet-bitter cocktail is a fine choice of drink with the smoothness of rum and wine.


2 oz Barcardi 8
1 oz Cocchi Rosa
Barspoon creme de cassis
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Lemon zest

Add Bacardi 8, Cocchi Rosa, creme de cassis and Angostura bitters.

Add ice and stir until diluted.

 Strain into a small cocktail glass.

Mongo Santamaria_7

Zest with lemon peel.

With a deep red wine hue, the authentic Cuban flavor of rum, and the zest of lemon, this sophisticated cocktail pairs handsomely with the Mongo Santamaria straw fedora.


For a classic Cuban tropical drink, the mojito-like Guillermo cocktail comes with the crisp and invigorating taste of thyme and a refreshing hint of soda water. If you plan on hosting a Havana themed event, you best take note of this traditional and delicious recipe.


2 oz white rum
.5 oz thyme syrup
1 oz lime juice
Barspoon creme de mure
Soda water

To create the thyme syrup, mix a 2:1 sugar and water syrup and heat in a pot over the stove. Bring to a boil and add fresh thyme. Remove from heat and let steep. Strain.

 Add rum, thyme syrup, lime juice, creme de mure and soda water to a highball glass.

Add handful of fresh thyme. Tip: you can use other refreshing herbs like basil.

Fill with crushed ice and stir to lift thyme and mix throughout the glass.

Lounging with friends and laying out in the hot sun requires a refreshing drink in hand and a lightweight straw hat on head. Paired with the Guillermo straw pork pie, we ensure you that you'll be feeling and looking cool. Now, there's something to drink to.


Earnest Hemingway was known to consume the eponymous Hemingway Daiquiri on a typical afternoon in Cuba, even writing descriptive prose on his love of drinks in his literature. A delicious, "stomach-warming" cocktail for those with sweet tastes, the Ricardo is based off of the famous Hemingway Daiquiri with the added twist of gin.


1.5 oz white rum
.5 oz gin
.5 oz grapefruit cordial
.75 oz pineapple juice
.5 oz lime juice
Dash of Angostura bitters


Add white rum, gin, grapefruit cordial, pineapple juice, lime juice and Angostura bitters.



Fact: grapefruit cordial makes the drink more sweet and delicious.


Add ice.


Shake and strain mixture into cocktail glass.


Fruity flavors with smooth rum is a winning combo. Drink this while donning the open weave Ricardo straw fedora, and you'll be raising a glass of this sweet concoction in style.


Montana has the authentic, refreshing taste of rum and Coke, also known as a Cuba Libre, but without the traditional Coke. Made with a lot of ingredients but with just a few easy steps, this drink is a must for all your Havana-inspired festivities.


1.5 oz Pampero Anniversario
.5 oz Zaya Rum
.5 oz Averna
.75 oz Carpano Antica (for some vanilla flavor)
.5 oz Mandarine Napoleon
.5 oz cinnamon syrup
.5 oz lemon juice
.5 oz lime
Soda water
Pinch of salt

Add the ingredients: the Pampero Anniversario, Zaya Rum, Avergna, Carpano Antica, Mandarine Napoleon, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, lime and pinch of salt to taste.


Shake and strain into collins glass.


Top the drink with soda.


Add fresh ice.


This refined and truly Cuban drink in hand will transport you to the Caribbean island. For a tastier twist on a classic rum and Coke, try the Montana. A vintage baseball cap only adds more ruggedness to this handsome drink.


Celebrate with a Havana Nights party, or simply toast to a cool refresher during the warm summer weekend with these expert Cuban drink recipes inspired by our Cuba Libre collection.

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