Escape Artist Revealed

Enter the show and watch our newest group of hats come to life with mesmerizing looks  inspired by the magical theater of the early 1900s. Escape Artist expertly morphs vintage aesthetic, charm and mystery into a collection of contemporary fedoras, ivy, newsboy, top hat and tie.


See for yourself and witness the full collection here.


The Mind Reader fedora from the Escape Artist collection will transform you into a different person. Dark and light grey pinstriped fabric provides the perfect shade of mystery.


Every piece from our Escape Artist Collection conceals a custom illustrated lining and tip sticker. Think of it as a little secret between you and your hat.


A new Goorin Bros. top hat is Magic Rabbit. Revel in it's glorious prestige and be the main attraction at any function. If you want to own a top hat, it should be the American Made Magic Rabbit.


Mysteries aren't always meant to be solved but one thing is sure about the Great Mysteries newsboy cap - it'll look darn good on any man or woman that dons it on their heads.


Stay elusive in the Escape Artist low profile ivy flatcap. This seemingly simple cap has foldable earflaps and a custom illustrated tip sticker and sweatband.


Get in the magical spirit of our new Escape Artist Collection today.

Visit a Goorin Bros. Hat Shop near you or view the collection online now.

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