Goorin Style Profile: The NDAC


Goorin Style Profile is a platform to feature bold individuals with genuine character in the latest Goorin Bros. collections. We pride ourselves in combining classic tradition with contemporary flavor — just like the men and women who don our hats. This month, we introduce The Neo Dandy Arts Collective. Hailing from San Francisco and Oakland, these artists have come together to inspire others and themselves through fashion, art and culture.

They are shown wearing the newest hats from our Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew Collection — fine flatcaps, gatsby and fedoras handmade in Italy and tailored to perfection.


Q: What does The NDAC stand for?

A: In a literal sense, The NDAC stands for The Neo Dandy Arts Collective. Philosophically; The NDAC stands for generating social improvement through art, and working towards a brighter future while acknowledging the sacrifices and contributions of those before us.


Q: What are the most important components when putting together a wardrobe?

A: Prioritize proper fit and invest a strong foundation of basics before building a collection of statement pieces. A common mistake made by people who want to dress well is to overload on fancy statement pieces without having something simple and classic to ground their looks.


Q: Wearing a hat can signify many things, what does it mean to you?

A: Depending on the kind of hat and the way it is worn, wearing a hat can say a number of things. In many instances it can mean someone is cold or just having a bad hair day. But to see someone wearing a hat to either compliment or complete an outfit; tells me that an individual is someone who values details, and pays careful attention to what their image says to the world.


Q: What advice would you give to individuals who are hesitant or scared of wearing a hat?

A: The right style of hat can mean the difference between feeling sexy and feeling like your wearing a costume. Try on multiple styles until you discover the one that suits you. The comfort and confidence from finding the right silhouette will usually diminish any hesitations.


Q: What does being "bold" mean to you?

A: Being bold means having the intention to stand out and the courage to do something out of the norm. But in terms of personal style; good taste can exist without it.


Q: What can we expect in the future from The NDAC?

A: You can look forward to different projects from individual members. Currently, there are multiple photo projects in the works, events being thrown, gallery shows being held and a clothing line being developed.


View the full Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew Collection online.

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