Grammy 2014 Hats & Similar Styles

Hats made a big (literally, big) appearance at the Grammy 2014 Awards. If you tuned in to music's biggest night, you probably saw a hat on every celebrity head there. And if you missed it, you probably heard about Pharrell's hat, a big, brown mountie fedora (which was actually part of a head-to-toe outfit inspired by Malcom McLaren's 1980's hip hop video "Buffalo Gals"), Madonna's Coven-like wide brim and Yoko Ono's dressy top hat with birdcage veil.

The hats worn at the Grammys were no doubt conversation starters and even Internet meme generators. If you're feeling inspired or the Grammy hat sightings piqued your interest in haberdashery, Goorin Bros. carries many similar styles that can be worn for everyday and dressier occasions (note: they bear no resemblance to Smokey the Bear). Read on for hat recommendations based on the head-turners seen at the Grammys.

Pharrell Williams in his infamous brown hat. For less mountie and more everyday styling, try the American made Butterfingers fedora.

LL Cool J hosts the Grammys in a flat cap. For more flat caps, try the Hard Eye, which has ear flaps, or the workwear inspired flat cap Welder.

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon pair up in bowler and top hats. For more dapper toppers to suit dressier occasions, try the American made White Rabbit top hat and Samson bowler.

Madonna and son David go to the dark side with their hat choices. For less AHS and more classic, try the Good Boy and County Line fedoras.
Pharrell Williams performs "Get Lucky" in a wide brim fedora. For a pinched crown fedora with a similar wide brim, try The Doctor.

Ziggy Marley wears a slouchy beanie. For a cozy, throw-on-everyday oversized beanie, try the American made Peekaboo St. which, by the way, can be worn a multitude of ways.
Showing good taste, Gavin DeGraw wears our American made Belsky leather fedora. If you're itching to add a leather piece to your hat collection (which we fully recommend), try the Belsky in brown or shop our leather hats.

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