How to Get Signature Hat Style

"You wear the hat, the hat doesn’t wear you." So that's been said before, but attaining signature style — what experienced hatters and style icons have — isn't simple. How do you make a hat your own? Let us break down the basics for you.

Know your size and shape. Just like a well fitted suit or hip hugging jeans, a hat must fit you well and match your features. To truly know which hat is for you, you must try on, try on, try on. Be conscious of your head size (does this hat fit just right or is it too loose?) and face shape (does this hat make my face look too narrow? too round?). Try on all types of hats to see what works best for you. Don't have a Goorin Bros. Hat Shop near you? You can simply get sizing and fit tips via our web customer service. You can also check out our handy Mr. Fitsall Hat Fit Guide for more tips.

Go outside of your comfort zone. Donning a hat is a bold fashion choice and even then you'll find yourself gravitating towards the same hat you’ve been throwing on for years (maybe months or weeks if you're a hat novice). Although it's good to get comfy with your hat (we explain this in the next bit), there's a fine line between comfort and playing it safe, the latter which we're not about to advocate.

Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. You never know if the high crown fedora really transforms you into Humphrey Bogart, or if the straw floppy turns you into a Jane Birkin bombshell type until you explore the unknown territory during your hat venture. Hats are versatile and come in so many different shapes, styles and colors, so why limit yourself to the same ol'? Experiment with any hat that piques your interest and, even if one doesn't work for you, it brings you one step closer to discovering and uncovering your signature style.


Kathleen Murillo of Inspirafashion wears a Goorin Bros. outback & western hat.

After you've found your signature hat, wear it in. By that we mean become best buds with your new statement piece. Like a good pair of shoes, you want your hat to look not so brand new. Wear it often and get comfy with it, until you find that you can easily throw it on in the morning and not think twice.

Add your own personal touch. Wearing a hat is already a very personal thing. It's not only an accessory that's worn on the most important part of your body and the first thing that people see. It's a way of revealing parts of your personality that can't be described through words. Do something that's unique and only you with your hat. Snap the brim or wear your hat with a tilt in the front. Maybe you've already got serious style. A minimalist? Keep your fedora unfinished and instead show off the quality fabrics and craftsmanship of the hat. More of an embellisher? Add a flower, feather, or some of your favorite buttons to the hatband. These quirks, your quirks, are what make the outfit.


The Hunter Jones pork pie fedora can be worn with the brim snapped down in the front.

In the end, wear your hat with confidence. The saying "you wear the hat, the hat doesn’t wear you" is said a lot around these parts because it's true. It's all about attitude and that's what'll give you effortless, signature style.

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