How to Get the Perfect Hat Hair


While a hat helps ease those bad hair days, that doesn't mean you should neglect those tresses. In fact, the style of your hair is just as significant as the fit and shape of your hat: both highlight the face, in some ways better than others. With a hat comes so many hairstyle possibilities, and if you marry the two perfectly you've got yourself a winning combo (not to mention a happy, good lookin' head).

We consult expert hairstylists at the new Drybar in San Francisco's Union Square for hat hairstyling (yes, it's a thing) and exclusive hat hair tips (the cure to flat hat hair? Drybar hairstylists tell us that dry shampoo and some tousling with your fingertips will add back that volume!). Now, get the how-tos for three flawless hat hairstyles that go from casual daytime date to romantic night out.

The Wide Brim Uptini


Amelia wears the County Line wide brim fedora

Rather than the usual, hair-down 'do, we recommend spicing up your wide brim fedora look with a classic updo (called an uptini in Drybar lingo!). A simple low pony or bun can change your whole outfit from casual to sophisticated, not to mention you'll look killer with the hat on or off. To take the low updo to the next level, Drybar hairstylist Geremy Low pairs the County Line fedora with a braided messy bun.


First, part your hair to the side. Using a handful of hair, create a side French braid starting at the top front of your hair part. Grab three sections and braid downwards, adding loose bottom sections to the braid until you get to the end.


Now you're going to take the rest of the hair to pull it into a low pony tail. Grab a small handful from one side and wrap it around your hair.


Wrap the section all the way around the rest of your hair. You're basically tying the pony tail with your own hair, which will keep it loose (rather than with an elastic which can make the pony tail too tight).


To finish the pony tail, pin it with a couple of bobby pins.


You're going to turn your pony into a bun. Finger tease it beforehand by brushing the hair up towards the scalp. This will give your bun more volume and texture.


Grab sections of your pony tail and, with bobby pins, pin it into a bun. Be sure to let it sit low. No need to worry about it being neat — just grab random sections of hair and pin them.


Starting from the bottom, pull on the outer edges of the braid to give it some lift.


Now for the waves. Create a wavy "S" pattern with the braid and pin it around the bun, wrapping it over, around and under.


Finish off the braid by pinning it at the end with a bobby pin.


Once your braid and bun are in place, set it with hairspray. Geremy recommends the Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray to keep it held together while adding shine and texture.


Hats off (and on, of course) to an airy uptini that works with a fedora or hair fascinator.

The Beret Fishtail Uptini


Brittany wears the Barushka beret

A beret can be styled a number of ways with a low updo, and the best part: it's très chic for both casual daytime and dressy evening occasions. Drybar hairstylist Crystal Maya pairs the Barushka beret with a feminine, low maintenance fishtail braid uptini and soft bangs.


First, pull hair to one side and divide hair into two sections.


Grab a thin section of hair from the outer side. Make sure it's just a small handful so it's not a regular braid. Bring it over, into the middle of both sections, then under.


Alternate the braid, grabbing a thin section from both sides and bringing it over. The thinner the sections you grab, the more of the "fishtail" look that you'll get.


As you're braiding, try to leave some room so that later you can open up the braid with your fingers. This will give it the natural look.


Tip: If you have a lot of layers, some Chaser Shine Pomeade or hair oil can help keep things in place.


Tie the end of the braid with an elastic band.


Starting from the bottom, use your thumbs to gently spread the braid. From center to out, loosen it up a bit to give it that natural finish.


Use a one-inch curling iron to add some waves to your bangs. Leaving about one inch of the ends out, wrap the bangs in the curling iron.


Run your fingers through your hair and break up the waves. Once you're done, slip on the beret.


A beret can't come on and off without messing up your hard work. Rather than sticking your fingers into the beret which can mess up perfectly coiffed tresses, use a bobby pin to smooth over any loose strands away from your face.


Say hello to a low maintenance fishtail braid uptini with a hint of a mai tai!

The Cloche Blowout


Amelia wears the Tina Flapper cloche

French for "bell", the sweet cloche hat perfectly shapes a woman's face and should be worn over a feminine hairstyle. Drybar hairstylist Brittany Paz chooses a signature blowout and flowy waves with our Tina Flapper cloche. A blowout adds body and movement, while smoothing out hair of any texture.


After washing your hair, you'll need a blow dryer, a rounded hair brush, an ordinary brush and a one-inch curling iron.


Starting with the front, blow dry small sections while keeping the blow dryer close to the hair.


Blow dry large sections of the rest of your hair. For natural curls, use a rounded hair brush while blow drying. This will give your hair natural waves and movement, rather than a curling iron which just makes curls look tight.


A tip for those with naturally curly hair: use tension and a boar bristle brush. Don't be afraid to be aggressive with the hair to smooth it.


After blow drying your hair, use a curling iron with the ends.


Now that the hair is curled and set, tilt your head back and run your fingers through your hair to loosen it up and add body.


To loosen up your hair even more, just use an ordinary brush and brush through the curls. This will soften the hair and give it the airy, natural look.


Now, doesn't your Goorin deserve to be paired with perfectly styled hair to match? Try one of our recommended hairstyles or book an appointment with a Drybar in your city.

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