How to Gift Wrap a Hat for the Holidays

Gift giving is all about the magic. Sitting on the floor, waiting excitedly to tear into the wrapping paper — we all know and love this tradition of gift opening with friends and family. But before we get to that, let's talk about how to gift wrap a hat. With all your hard work in finding the perfect hat to give, it'd be a shame to fall short in presentation! We're going to show you how to gift wrap a hat using our Holiday Hat Box and a few decorative pieces that'll bring out the hat magic from inside and out.


You’ll need:

Hat Box
Tissue paper
Hat pin (optional)


Today we'll be wrapping the classic Salvatore fedora from our American made Heritage collection. Our Goorin butcher paper is also used at our neighborhood Hat Shops.


Scrunch a sheet of tissue paper and place it inside of the hat, that way the hat maintains its shape while it's wrapped. This is especially important for non-crushable hats like our American made felts and Panama straws.


Scrunch up one or two sheets of tissue paper and stuff it inside the hat box.



Put the hat inside the hat box right-side up. Use the extra top of the tissue paper to cover up the hat. Remember, when storing hats, place the hat inside crown-side down since the crown is the sturdiest part of a hat. For gift giving, where it's all about presentation, we recommend right-side up.


Once you've got the hat properly inside the hat box, place the lid on. Make sure to keep the hat box rope handle outside of the box. Place the long side of the rope centered on top of the lid to keep the lid closed.


Now you can begin decorating the outside of the hat box with ribbon. We used a sheer metallic gold ribbon, but a silk red ribbon would look just as festive. Cut the ribbon so you have enough to wrap around the whole box two and one-half times.


When wrapping the ribbon, make sure it's even on both sides so you'll have enough for a nice bow in the center. Tuck the ribbon underneath the rope to prevent any extra lumps. Cross the ribbon around the box.


Make a bow over the rope. Continue to tighten and loosen to get it perfectly even and centered.


Cut off any extra ribbon from the bow until it's at your desired length.


Now you're done! For fun, we like to add a hat pin to the bow. It's a nice add-on to the gift and it's a treat for the eyes. We used the Hit the Slopes tin hat pin, but we've got plenty more in Hat Extras. Simply pin it through the bow and add the pin backing to fasten it.


Tote the hat box with the rope handle on the side, and voilà‎! An easy, elegant way to gift wrap your hats for the holidays. We hope your gifts are as magical on the outside as we know they are on the inside.

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