S.F. Tastemakers Style The Last Originals Hats

If you’ve ever been to the Bay Area, you’re probably familiar with San Francisco’s uniqueness. The city (where your beloved hat makers’ H.Q. is based) is chock-full of fashion, design and tech’s talented up and comers. S.F. is the breeding ground for individuals who blaze their own paths, and in an over-saturated world abounding with blogs and start-ups that misuse trite buzzwords, pioneers in style are rare to come by.

For those of you who don’t know: do your homework, or maybe you'll want to pack up your belongings and join us in the city by the Bay, 'cause S.F. is often the starting point for today’s finest tastemakers. We asked The Bon Vivants and Trick Dog founders Josh Harris and Scott Baird, and Refinery29’s S.F. Editor Angela Tafoya to style their favorite hats from The Last Originals collection. Who better to ask for hat styling tips than this influential trio hailing from the Bay Area, and to top it off, all have really cool gigs that cement their aesthetic expertise? Get schooled as these S.F. tastemakers give us their insights on how to attain that perfectly-put-together outfit with their Goorin.

Who: Josh Harris

Gig: Co-Founder and expert mixologist of The Bon Vivants and Trick Dog

What's your go-to hat of the moment?

I have this one hat that I’m wearing a lot of right now. My mom gave to me in the fourth grade and I recently found it in the basement. It is one of those hats that you can crumple up into a ball and it fits in your suitcase and when you pull it out it still looks the way it looked before. It is a baseball style hat, but it’s not for a baseball team. It’s from the U.S.S. Enterprise, a tour that she went on, so it’s one of those old military looking hats with the patch.

Josh wearing the Good Boy fedora with a leather jacket, paint splattered jeans and workwear boots

How do you incorporate hats into your outfits?

I am not a person that relies on wearing a hat as a part of my fashion choices, but I enjoy wearing a hat when it adds value to what I want to be putting together. I’m not one of those types of people who goes, ‘Oh I want to put on a hat before I leave the house’. The most important thing is from a color and style perspective, it makes sense with what I’m wearing or where I’m going that day. You know, a hat with dip dye and the things I normally wear, or I may want to put on something a little bit nicer and different depending on the clothes. Color pattern and overall personality of the hat has to match with the total package.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say that it's a little bit old workwear inspired. I’m into denim, and I wear a lot of denim, plaid and a lot of workwear shirts of that nature. There’s probably a little bit of a streetwear edge where I do have my sneakers, my chucks and my fat laces. I also do the decked shoes with no socks. That’s sort of a point with how I wear hats. What I’d be wearing when I’m wearing hemmed jeans and a pair of decked shoes and a short sleeved colored shirt is different than what I’d be wearing with flannel and a leather jacket.

Who: Scott Baird

Gig: Co-Founder and expert mixologist of The Bon Vivants and Trick Dog

Are you a hat person?

I wore a hat every day for two years, and then stopped wearing a hat for two years. I love them and I have a weird relationship with them. I wear hats like [Good Boy] a lot. A flip up fedora with a tight round brim.

Scott wearing the Crazy Eyes Joey fedora

How do you style your hats?

With everything. They’re daily drivers. I like to let the hat identify the outfit. I had this hat that I wore everyday, and it’s like ‘that’s what Scott wore — his hat’. I usually style them how I am now — this jacket from Al’s Attire, shirt from a company in Canada called Naked and Famous and Timberland shoes.

Scott wearing the Good Boy fedora

How would you describe your personal style?

I wear clothes that make me feel happy. They’re high quality. I don’t like things that look cheap, and I don’t like things that are made cheaply because I’m really hard on clothes, and what I do for a living destroys them. My style is instinctual and I trust it.

Who: Angela Tafoya

Gig: Refinery29’s S.F. Editor

Are you a hat person?

Totally. I always wore hats growing up. There’s pictures of me from when I was little and I have straw hats on. My mom would always put hats on me for Easter and whenever I wanted to dress up I would always put on little fun ones.

Angela wearing the Lillian G. floppy wide brim with a comic-inspired sweater layered over a chambray shirt and patterned skirt

How would you describe your personal style? 

I definitely consider comfort when getting dressed, but I like to inject an element of quirkiness and also modern as well. So definitely a mixture of all of those. I like to experiment with prints and colors, but also keep it practical.

What kind of hats do you gravitate towards?

The bigger the better. I love wide brimmed, floppy styled hats. Definitely statement making hats.


Angela wearing the County Line wide brim fedora

How will you style your wide brims for the upcoming season?

I think hats look really amazing when you have layers added into the mix. You know, if you choose a wide brimmed hat, bringing in additional layers like a chambray shirt with a sweater and a jacket — just really having that all American feel.

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