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  • The Kentucky Derby Style Guide


    The Kentucky Derby: since 1875 it has been revered as one of the world's most exciting sporting events. However, in addition to the race itself, there is one thing that makes the Kentucky Derby even more exciting (in our eyes and the eyes of spectators, we're sure). No, we're not just talking about the betting, Derby parties and day-drinking (although we do fancy ourselves a tasty mint julep): the Kentucky Derby is most definitely a hatter's fashion event, and a fun one at that.

    With just a few days before the big race, we've created the Kentucky Derby Style Guide to help hatters get dressed, look sharp, and top it all off with a statement-making straw hat from the Goorin Bros. Derby Collection. You know what they say: come for the horses, stay for the hats. Here's how to style your Derby hat with good-looking, modern twists that add the touch of glamour required for the event.

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  • Goorin Style Profile: Dantè and Dario

    Goorin Style Profile is a platform to feature bold individuals with genuine character in the latest Goorin Bros. collections. We pride ourselves in combining classic tradition with contemporary flavor - just like the men and women who don our hats. This month, we introduce two young men who are starting to make a name for themselves in San Francisco, CA. - Dario Smith and Dante' Wright of The Bellwether Project.

    Wearing a hat can signify many things, what does it mean to you?

    Dantè: Hat selection is just as important as your choice of color palette or choice of suit. It is a reflection of character and it is the piece that can make or break the outcome of any outfit.

    Dario: It is a staple item in my ensembles because it signifies my entire body being in sync. My shoes and hat usually coordinate. A dark blue Pork Pie will always compliment rigid indigo dyed denim pants and brown leather boots (The San Francisco combo I'd like to call it), almost any shirt works in this case.

    What advice would you give to individuals who are hesitant or scared of wearing a hat?

    Dantè: A hat should not be worn just to cover up bed head. It is a symbol of confidence and a reflection of character. Therefore have fun with them, but remember that it is like any other clothing item - buying a hat that fits your head shape is key.

    Dario: To the headpiece novice, I would suggest starting with shorter brims in earth toned colorways (or colors that "compliment" your existing wardrobe). A nice straw fedora for summer days and a good tweed gatsby for autumn/winter are classic staples to help ease one into the world of hatter-dom.

    What does being "bold" mean to you?

    Dantè: Being bold to me is stepping outside of your style comfort zone and trying something new, whether it be pattern clashing or a color palette, it has to be something out of the ordinary for you.

    Dario: Being bold is having confidence. It is persisting into unknown frontiers understanding that the worst possible outcome is experience. Bold is maintaining character without regard to praise, criticism, or adversity. Bold is how we expect every client to feel after experiencing The Bellwether Project.

    Dario and Dante are wearing hats from our American Made Collection. Walter Craig and Jackson are part of a nine-piece line of handcrafted straw fedoras, porkpies and boater hats inspired by the sights and sound of 1940's Cuba.

    View more of the collection here.

    Learn more about The Bellwether Project

  • Goorin Bros. x Wheelmen & Co.

    Last week's Independence Day celebration continued through to the following evening for our Los Angeles team. Along with Wheelman & Co., we showcased our American Made collection befitting the night's occasion to honor US made products.

    On the W Hotel rooftop in the middle of Hollywood, beautiful people, an amazing performance by the Aqualillies, and great atmosphere made for a night to remember.

    Photos by Ron Schiller. View more here.

  • The Straw Boater Hat

    Nothing portrays patriotism, heritage, and universal class other than a straw boater hat. Originally worn by sailors, and later adapted into children's school uniforms, this popular shape gradually became a summer staple during the second half of the nineteenth century for both men and women alike.

    It was once the custom to switch one's felt hat for its straw counterpart when June arrived to signify the beginning of the warm season. When Labor Day came, the straw hats would be disposed of and felt hats would reappear once again.

    Today, hat etiquette is a bit more relaxed and we most certainly don't advise people to throw away their perfectly good straw topper once fall arrives. With Fourth of July tomorrow and plenty more summer holidays and events lined up, don our favorite hat for the season and make a bold statement. The Pierre Renoir may bear a French name, but that doesn't mean it can't celebrate this American holiday in style.

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