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  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Hats


    It's our biggest day of the year — National Hat Day! In addition to our limited edition buttons for customers and National Hat Day outfit contests happening on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (get the deets for both before the day ends!), we'd like to share with you 10 of our favorite, unknown, weird and surprising hat facts to commemorate our favorite accessory of choice, ever.

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  • Bonnie & Clyde Hats

    Style icons have the ability to fascinate the public eye, especially when they’re star-crossed lovers committing armed robbery and murder. Legendary partners in crime Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker rose to fame during the 1930’s Great Depression era doing just that. No matter the financial difficulties or law breaking agenda, these outlaws each made time for their appearances and held them in high regard. Suits were ironed, red lipstick and heels were on, and a hand was always grabbing ahold of the hat when running away from the cops.


    No, it’s not a good look to be dressed to the nines whilst in a mugshot (yes, they’re worse than selfies, although we’re sure Bonnie would’ve been adept in the art of taking her own photo). Despite their criminal records, this duo, who lived in poor circumstances and possessed a perplexing backstory, dressed and carried themselves in such a way that was liberating in an intriguing “live fast, die young” mantra sort of way. Continue reading

  • Escape Artist Revealed

    Enter the show and watch our newest group of hats come to life with mesmerizing looks  inspired by the magical theater of the early 1900s. Escape Artist expertly morphs vintage aesthetic, charm and mystery into a collection of contemporary fedoras, ivy, newsboy, top hat and tie.


    See for yourself and witness the full collection here.


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  • Feel Cool Jazz

    Feel Cool Jazz in our new collection of smooth and sultry hats with deep tones and contrasting fabrics that fuse together in true Bebop jazz fashion.


    Feel Cool Jazz from Goorin Bros. on Vimeo.


    Inspired by the soulful sounds of 1950s jazz, we created a group of hats influenced by the music of the time and the heart and soul of the era's finest musicians. We added a two-toned design throughout the fedoras by chopping the hats up like a bebop solo. We also added long, deep, soulful trumpet notes of color throughout the hat bands. Continue reading

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