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  • Celebration of Tweed Hats

    We present our new tweed hats from Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew Collection with Tweed Ride. The first Tweed Rides began in Nottingham, England in the early 1990s. Since then, various rides have been held across the world to recreate the spirit of a bygone era. Participants dress in their finest Tweed garments, ride vintage bikes, and partake in a celebration of the past. This celebration inspired us to present our new collection in the same manner. We produced hats using the finest natural wool tweed handpicked from the world's most traditional mills. With tailored flatcaps, gatsbys and fedoras fit for bold individuals, we invite you to ride along with us and celebrate with a hat of history.

    View the collection here.

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  • Hats Inspired by America's Heartland

    Paying homage to the men and women of America's Heartland who raise this country's livestock, grow its crops and make our bread, this hearty selection of hats is designed to be the quintessential headwear for those working outdoors.

    View the newest collection from our Goorin Everyday line today - America's Heartland.Rough-hewn and rugged, yet stylish and comfortable, this collection is made of lightweight and durable wool blends with soft malleable crowns and brims designed to give a relaxed fit. Completely functional from dawn to dusk, these ballcapsflatcaps and gatsby caps will keep the wearer comfortable at all temperatures. Continue reading

  • Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew

    Cassel Goorin's legacy lived on through his children, Alfred and Ted. One of the two brothers inspired our newest line - Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew. Ted had a passion for cut and cloth from a young age to his adulthood and this soon became our inspiration.

    We continue his obsession with craftsmanship through impeccable tailoring and rich textiles in our hats. From flatcaps to gatsby caps to fedoras, each style is steeped in tradition and each material is carefully picked from the finest mills worldwide.

    Only the most exquisite tweeds and wools go into our palette with colors and textures that tell a story of their own. The most durable leathers and seudes are used to construct fedoras and flatcaps so that each style will gain its own unique character over time. A Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew hat holds not only our personal family history but the story of every man and woman who sews a thread, blocks a hat, or cuts a piece of fabric.

    Collaborating with other family owned hat companies, we strive to provide the best headwear from America, The United Kingdom, and soon, Italy. These hats are meant to be worn often, protect the wearer from the elements, become a marker of identity, and add comfort and confidence to your wardrobe.

    We invite you to see and feel the latest additions to our family. Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew is available in all Goorin Bros. hat shops and .

    Photos by Alex Bershaw.

  • Harris Tweed

    Known as the "champagne of fabrics," Harris Tweed is the ultimate luxe cloth with history, quality and heart woven into every inch. One can see the colors of the Scottish islands in the cloth and feel the tactile tenacity of its people in the texture. Durability and comfort mixed with fine craftsmanship and quality gives the Harris Tweed a cut above the rest when it comes to sportswear.

    Harris Tweed must be certified and approved by the Harris Tweed Authority. The mark of the Orb, pressed onto every length of cloth and seen on the traditional label sewn to finished items, guarantees the highest quality tweed, dyed, spun and handwoven by islanders of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland in their homes to the laws outlined in the Harris Tweed Act of Parliament.

    The process by which Harris Tweed is made changed little over the past two hundred years. It is no wonder that we chose to work with a material rich in history and heritage. This fall, we will be introducing a small selection of American Made caps featuring vintage Harris Tweed. From Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew line, look forward to a limited collection that will be available in all Goorin Bros. hat shops and online.

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