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  • Behind the Brim: A Visit with Ruben Spitz

    Our Park Slope shopkeeper, Alex Mroz, recounts his visit with Ben Goorin and our designer, Anna Delis to the last standing cut & sew hat factory in North America. Ruben Spitz's factory and the individuals who work there gives our family of hatters the inspiration and passion to share both of our family's heritage one hat at a time.

    "I was lucky enough to be invited to tag along with Ben and Anna as they went on a visit to Ruben Spitz's hat factory, in Newark, New Jersey. It's a quick cab ride from Newark's Penn Station, in a non-descript building across from a food warehouse where they were unloading bags upon bags of onions on a loading dock.

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  • Fascinate This: A Private Affair at Goorin Bros. North Beach

    We invited a few of our favorite San Francisco bloggers for a night at the Goorin Bros. flagship hat shop in North Beach. A private affair introducing them to our newest fascinators and headpieces for women designed by Christa Baker. Inspired by the glamourous Roaring 20's, each piece is a unique addition not only to our library of styles, but to your holiday cocktail party wardrobe.

    pür•spirits provided their custom cocktail, the Alpina. Their elderflower liqueur paired with sparkling wine was the perfect refreshment to harken back to those days long gone.

    North Beach Hat Shop's dapper gents played host and educated our guests on the history, traditions, and customs of wearing a hat. Dale of Savvy Spice, Chandamheer of Pancake Stacker and Kathleen of Inspirafashion in their custom fascinators made by our very own designer, Christa Baker.

    Carlina of Allergic to Vanilla trying on the Veda headband and Kathleen getting measured for her hat size.

    The night also included a mini tutorial of hairstyles that compliment and support the fascinators. Kelly and Manny from Public Barber Salon demonstrated a quick twisted bun for Gretta. Nicole of My Manners and Moxie played model and showed off an effortless and elegant hair bun with fascinator.

    View the latest collection of fascinators and headpieces at . Also available in all Goorin Bros. hat shops.

  • A Grand Opening in Toronto

    We celebrated the grand opening of our second Canadian hat shop in true Goorin fashion - with a roaring party full of dapper folks in bold attire from head to toe. Queen St. West Hat Shop in Toronto has only been open for a few months and we already feel at home.

    Live music provided by The Sudden Valley Boys kept the mood lively as guests tried on hats and got to know our merchants. Ben Goorin himself hatted locals with our newest styles. We'd like to thank all those who attended and helped celebrate the special day with us.

    It was truly a night to remember and best believe we're here to stay Toronto. View more photos here.

    Photos by Dylan Leeder.

  • Goorin Style Profile: Savvy Spice

    Goorin Style Profile is a platform to feature bold individuals with genuine character in the latest Goorin Bros. collections. We pride ourselves in combining classic tradition with contemporary flavor - just like the men and women who don our hats. This month, we introduce Dale Janeé Steliga. She is an image consultant and fashion stylist in San Francisco and the beauty behind Savvy Spice.

    Wearing a hat can signify many things, what does it mean to you?

    Wearing a hat to me is a fashion statement, but it's also a crucial element in my wardrobe for days when I'm having crazy hair. If a man or woman throws on a sweater and jeans, a stylish hat and oxfords can pull the entire look together.

    What advice would you give to individuals who are hesitant or scared of wearing hats?

    The best advice I would give to anyone who is hesitant about wearing a hat is to face their fashion fear and go to Goorin Bros. or any hat store and simply start trying on all different styles and colors. Asking pros to help choose a few styles will get anyone more comfortable in a hat. Occasionally when I'm styling someone they say, "my head is too 'this' or 'that' for a hat." Once a person can get comfortable for five minutes in a hat, that's all it takes.

    When styling yourself or a client, what are the key points to keep in mind?

    When styling myself or a client, I keep in mind the person's sense of style. If they wear suits or blazers 90% of the time, I'd recommend a fedora. If a client lives in casual wear or denim, I'd recommend a cadet or flatcap. A person needs to feel comfortable in whatever hat they're buying, but it's also important they know the hat will go with the majority of their wardrobe. For anyone that has a combo style and likes to stay on the cutting edge of fashion, I'd definitely keep the "New Releases" bookmarked on my favorites.

    What does being "bold" mean to you?

    Bold means making a statement by taking a risk and standing out. I'm not talking about a Lady Gaga kind of fashion risk; but a risk that's individual to the person because we all have different levels of fashion risks we're willing to take. Whether it's heading out for the night in a fedora or wearing a floppy to my next girl's night out, trying something new is being bold.

    Dale is wearing Laura Wilder from our Heritage Collection. Her hat features a customized leather band and tassel adorned with feathers. This hat may have been inspired by the western frontier but Dale gives it a modern contemporary look.

    View more of Dale on Savvy Spice.

    View the rest of our Heritage Collection with new shapes for both men and women.

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