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  • The Next Generation of Cut and Sew Hats


    Ted Goorin, one of the Goorin brothers, understood from an early age that skill, experience, and an unwavering commitment to using the finest materials makes a quality hat great. By working hand-in-hand with master tailors from Italy, Great Britain and in America, we've created the next generation of cut and sew hats. Brought to you from skilled and highly passionate craftsmen committed to fit and obsessed with detail. Take a gander at Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew Collection and find a crafted hat to make your own.

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  • Poolside with Goorin

    Just in time for summer, our Poolside Collection is making a splash at the Goorin Bros. Hat Shop near you and online.


     Classic shapes in lightweight straw and cotton fabrics to keep you looking and feeling cool in the heat. With fedoras, floppies, cloches and flatcaps, there's a hat for everyone.


    Not only are these hats stylish, they are also functional. Travel with ease and take the Humphrey or Audrey with you on your next vacation. Stow away in your purse, or roll up and tuck in your pocket - these hats will pop back into shape ready to wear.


    Travel friendly, crushable, durable and oh so fashionable!


    From the Goorin Everyday lifestyle, take these hats with you for work, for play, for anyday.

    Shop the Poolside Collection and watch the videos here.

  • The Roaring 20s

    The Roaring Twenties was a decade marked with excess and extravagance in all aspects. Wealth was abundant, liquor flowed, music boomed and fashion flourished. In lieu of the much anticipated The Great Gatsby film by Baz Luhrman, we've featured a few of our classic hats inspired by the literary classic. View our Great Gatsby Hats collection here.


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  • Goorin Style Profile: Festival Fashion

    It’s finally festival season and everyone’s gearing up to head out under the warm sun and indulge in musical bliss.  Another reason to enjoy festival season: HATS!  What better way to protect yourself from those damaging rays and complete your festival looks than topping your outfit with the perfect Goorin?  We caught up with two stylists at our Larchmont Hat Shop in Los Angeles and asked them which Goorin they’ll be seen wearing to this season’s outdoor music festivals.



    Ann-Marie Hoang has worked with a number of LA brands ranging from clothing to jewelry.  Her distinctive personal style really comes through in all her work.  Ann-Marie is a wear-a-hat-everyday kind of gal, so choosing a festival hat at our shop came naturally to her.

    Hat of choice? South of France


    What do you like about it? It frames my face nicely, plus it’ll give great sun coverage with the brim turned down.  I like that it’s a classic shape, almost like a straw version of the hat Audrey Hepburn wears in Breakfast at Tiffany’s!
    Any festivals you will be going to this season? Coachella
    How would you style this hat? Since this hat is pretty bold and loud, the outfit should be simple.  I’d wear it with high-waist shorts, black boots and some turquoise jewelry! Continue reading

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