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  • Poolside Fashion: Glam with a 1940's Twist


    The packable Mrs. Davis straw floppy hat

    While poolside fashion usually brings to mind tropical swim trunks and everything "itsy bitsy", the truth is that the pool warrants just as much of a fashion statement as any other setting. Featuring 1940's inspired fashion with a modern twist, we styled our Poolside collection of packable summer hats with fresh pool outfits from Mystery Mister. From retro one-pieces, Don Draper-esque swim shorts, to chic cover-ups, our friends from Mystery Mister, a great little vintage shop in the famous Haight and Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, was chock-full of amazing clothes to pair with our hats. See the highlights from our Poolside photo shoot, and make sure to check out Mystery Mister the next time you're in the city by the Bay!

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  • The Kentucky Derby Style Guide


    The Kentucky Derby: since 1875 it has been revered as one of the world's most exciting sporting events. However, in addition to the race itself, there is one thing that makes the Kentucky Derby even more exciting (in our eyes and the eyes of spectators, we're sure). No, we're not just talking about the betting, Derby parties and day-drinking (although we do fancy ourselves a tasty mint julep): the Kentucky Derby is most definitely a hatter's fashion event, and a fun one at that.

    With just a few days before the big race, we've created the Kentucky Derby Style Guide to help hatters get dressed, look sharp, and top it all off with a statement-making straw hat from the Goorin Bros. Derby Collection. You know what they say: come for the horses, stay for the hats. Here's how to style your Derby hat with good-looking, modern twists that add the touch of glamour required for the event.

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  • Cuban Drink Recipes Inspired by Cuba Libre


    On a hot summer day, nothing beats kicking back in the company of close friends with an ice-cold drink in hand. To mix things up in true Goorin fashion, we asked Trick Dog's mixologist Morgan Schick to concoct Cuban drinks inspired by our Cuba Libre straw hat collection. What better way to welcome the warm weather than delicious Cuban cocktails and a perfectly-paired straw hat to match?

    Grab a hat, put on your best linen shirt, light a cigar, and load up on rum as you take part in our favorite summer tradition (that is, to eat, drink and be merry) with an authentic Havana twist. Read on for four easy-to-make Cuban drink recipes that are as delicious as they are good-lookin'.

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  • Panama Hats


    The straw hat - a classic summer staple in any man or woman's wardrobe. A practical piece of headwear made to stay cool and shaded from the sun while providing an easy sophistication to any look. There are countless of straw hats under the sun, but there is no other type of straw hat that exudes elegance, confidence, and exquisite craftsmanship than the Panama hat.


    Only hats woven in Ecuador can be called a Panama hat. Traditionally, the straw used to make a Panama hat comes from the leaves of the Toquilla palm. The palm's soft, flexible and durable fibers are perfect for weaving and of course, wearing on one's head. The quality of a Panama hat is measured by the weave count of the straw. The most common weave is called the  Brisa weave (photographed below) and the quality of a hat is measured by grades. A grade 3 Brisa weave Panama hat takes only a couple of days to make unlike the finer weave, grade 12 Brisa weave hat that can take several weeks to complete. Continue reading

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