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  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Hats


    It's our biggest day of the year — National Hat Day! In addition to our limited edition buttons for customers and National Hat Day outfit contests happening on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (get the deets for both before the day ends!), we'd like to share with you 10 of our favorite, unknown, weird and surprising hat facts to commemorate our favorite accessory of choice, ever.

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  • The History of the Top Hat

    Hatters, if you've never owned a top hat, you should. While we understand the worries and doubts about styling a top hat for everyday wear (if your brain quickly associates the top hat with steampunk, Abraham Lincoln, or Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter — we don't blame you), we wholeheartedly disagree with the common preconceptions surrounding this classic topper. The top hat is a statement making piece and while obviously not a hat for the sartorially meek, it's what we'd call a game changer that's made its mark in history and cemented its place in today's fashion.


    This New Year's Eve, us folks at Goorin Bros. are donning our top hats over our dapper outfits as we toast to 2014 in bold fashion. As an homage to the classic top hat, we're going to shed light on its rich history.

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  • Escape Artist Revealed

    Enter the show and watch our newest group of hats come to life with mesmerizing looks  inspired by the magical theater of the early 1900s. Escape Artist expertly morphs vintage aesthetic, charm and mystery into a collection of contemporary fedoras, ivy, newsboy, top hat and tie.


    See for yourself and witness the full collection here.


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  • History of the Top Hat

    The prestige and notoriety of the top hat dates back over two centuries. In London, 1797, hatter John Hetherington caused such a commotion at the sight of his silk top hat that police officials were called. The London Times recalls that “Hetherington had such a tall and shiny construction on his head that it must have terrified nervous people. The sight of this construction was so overstated that various women fainted, children began to cry and dogs started to bark."


    Flying Private (available in select hat shops) and Gentleman Jack.

    Making the front page of the news, Hetherington's fashion statement marked the significance of the hat's shape and status. Eventually, the top hat became synonymous with the upperclass. Whether made of felted fur or silk, it was head wear fit for the royalty. Prince Albert took the top hat from being a mere fashion statement to a symbol of urban respectability by donning the top hat in 1850.


    White Rabbit, top hat from Heritage Collection.

    Top hats were part of formal wear for U.S. presidential inaugurations for many years until President Dwight D. Eisenhower omitted the hat for his inauguration. Throughout history, it has been worn by politicians, dignitaries, artists and musicians. A top hat is for characters who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Notoriety, class, and distinction sets a man or woman apart from the rest when donning this historic hat.

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