The Body Poets Swoon at Gaslamp Hat Shop


Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away, and it seems that the pressure rises as the day comes closer. Feeling intimidated by the made up holiday? Here are the learning lessons after watching dance group, The Body Poets, swoon some special visitors at our San Diego Gaslamp Hat Shop: enough with the seriousness and just have fun with it. Fellas, take notes, 'cause this is how you make a girl smile.

Who are The Body Poets? How do you "woo" a girl? We talk about this (and more) in our interview with The Body Poets Founder and Art Director Omeed Simantob.

To those unfamiliar with the group, how would you describe The Body Poets?

One of our biggest challenges is describing what we do. I'd say we are a group of guys who just want to entertain people. We use dancing, humor, music, and illusion to achieve this task.

How did the group get its start?

It started out with myself and a high school friend. We would put on dance shows on campus, and decided we should form a group. Around that time I did a project with Kevin Brewer of the Jabbawockeez under the name The Body Poets and he encouraged me to keep it going. Over the past nine years we have been performing all over the country for people of all ages.

How many members are in the group today?

We have a roster of about 15 guys that we perform with, and we cast each show or video we shoot individually.

Who are the biggest inspirations for the group?

Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Siegfried and Roy, and Cirque du Soleil to name a few.

Obviously, you guys have an unique style. Why did you choose spandex, the suits and the hats?

Our trademark look of black spandex, dapper clothes and fedoras evolved over time. First we found the suits. We figured body suits for The Body Poets seemed like a good fit. We then discovered Goorin Bros. from our manager Eddie Gutierrez who's been with the San Diego Gaslamp Hat Shop for years. We fell in love with the hats - you put one on and you feel like one person, then you put another one on and you feel completely different [from before]. We slowly came to realize that looking dapper is the best way to compliment the hats. Most people think we woke up one day with the idea of what our costumes would be, but the truth is it took years to evolve.

How would you "woo” a girl?

Make her laugh. (Cool dance moves don't hurt either.)

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

We usually get booked to perform on Valentine's Day. It's nice entertaining all the lovely couples out there.

Finish this sentence. “Dance is…"

Self expression through movement.

Lastly, The Body Poets' Goorin toppers of choice?

The Billy Batts fedora, White Rabbit top hat, and Montana fedora.

For more on The Body Poets, check out their YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter.

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