The Hat Shop

A video from our very own merchants at Yaletown Hat Shop in Vancouver. An animated look into how it might feel like walking into one of our shops for the first time.

Watch as a little bit of hat magic unfolds before your eyes...

The talented creators of this video are Goorin's very own Daryl-Lynn Ramsay and Elijah Yutuc. "With [Elijah's] skills in photography, we instantly knew we should do a stop motion piece! We were very inspired by our hat shop and knew we wanted to integrate it," Ramsay explains about the idea that took a year to come alive. She adds, "It actually only took a few weeks to get the shooting done and since then I've been compositing, editing and getting the sound done on my spare time." Truly a passion project, "The Hat Shop" is a great example of the talent we have right under our brims.

Find a Goorin Bros. Hat Shop near you and witness the magic in person.

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