The Next Generation of Cut and Sew Hats


Ted Goorin, one of the Goorin brothers, understood from an early age that skill, experience, and an unwavering commitment to using the finest materials makes a quality hat great. By working hand-in-hand with master tailors from Italy, Great Britain and in America, we've created the next generation of cut and sew hats. Brought to you from skilled and highly passionate craftsmen committed to fit and obsessed with detail. Take a gander at Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew Collection and find a crafted hat to make your own.


What is a cut and sew hat? Each piece is cut and sewn by hand with incredible precision. Every cap, ivy, or fedora is unique and possesses a story in every stitch. You can feel the pride of workmanship when you hold and examine the details of each hat.


Ruben "Ruby" Spitz carries on the time-honored tradition in the last standing cut and sew hat factory in America. We love to hear Ruby's stories as he carefully cleans and maintains his vintage sewing machines to meet his standards. His stories recounts the tale of his arrival to America as a little boy, with little more than grit, determination and a singular dream - to create the finest quality hats imaginable. The traits that helped him build a successful business still resonate today - motivation, skill, determination and an obsession with hard work and quality product.
David Olney's roots in the hat industry goes back to the early 1800s. His Luton, England factory was established in 1914 by his grandfather, Albert E. Olney. While all other hatmakers in Luton, England have closed, Olney and his family remain as one of the very few cut and sew hatmakers not only in Luton, but in all of the United Kingdom. Olney has always manufactured hat, caps and nothing else. They have carefully nurtured their loyal employees, some of which have been working for the family for over forty years.
Owners Cuono Renella and girlfriend Anna boldly decided to leave the hat factory they worked in to build a name for themselves. Both from poor families, they pleaded with relatives to help them start their own hat workshop. Cuono shaped and cut all the fabrics while Anna hand-stitched each hat. Today, their daughter Ornella rund the business with the same boldness and dedication to detail, sourcing brushed wools, and sueded leather from local Italian mills and hand-crafting each hat with love.
While words recount tales of each hat's makers, one cannot truly understand the quality of a cut and sew hat until it is held in his or her hand, worn on the head, and styled with pride. Join us in celebrating these fine craftsmen by viewing Ted Goorin's Cut and Sew Collection today online or in a hat shop near you.
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