What to Pack: The Travel Essentials

You've chosen your travel destination, booked the flights, and even have the itinerary of recommended sights and must-try eateries down to the last Yelp review. The final step to making your trip perfect is deciding what to pack, and that, hatters, are the travel essentials. We're not just talking travelling light (hauling seam-ripping luggage is not how to travel in style) but making your trip enjoyable and memorable too (in addition to you lookin' sharp, of course).

We know it can be difficult deciding on what to pack (we’ll get to how to pack later). That's why we've gone over the fundamentals on what to pack with the well-traveled Love, Blair's blogger Blair Badge, photographer Trevor Traynor, The Mop Top's blogger Tonya Smith, and even turned the tables on ourselves at Goorin Bros. for the best packing lists ever. From the perfect hat to leisurely literature, here are the travel essentials and packing tips that'll make your trip one to remember.


What's in Goorin's Travel Bag: Our travel essentials are gentlemanly, compact, leisurely, and not to mention, color-coordinated. A lightweight summer jacket, button-down shirt, linen pants, patterned socks, leather passport case, The Stranger by Albert Camus, Goorin Bros. Cuba fedora from the Cuba Libre straw hat collection, cigar and matches, compact Lomo camera, foldable sunglasses, classic pair of oxfords, belt and journal for penning down memories and musings.

Our Packing Advice: A seemingly no-brainer, but bring a hat with. Whether you're jetting to the sunny tropics or heading to the colder climates, a hat makes the biggest difference in terms of comfort and style. For summer getaways, we recommend perusing our Goorin Bros. Cuba Libre straw hat collection that features packable, breathable hats and offer the best protection your head could ever get.

The Non-Non-Essentials: Notebooks and literature may seem excessive when it comes to packing, but we believe a truly good trip contains a mix of exploration and reflection. We like to leave at least a day or two free from the constraints of travel plans to spend time soaking in the surroundings and culture of our travel destination. Leave your itinerary at the hotel and take your camera, favorite novel, or notebook out for some leisurely, anti-tourist activity.

What's in Blair Badge of Love, Blair's Road Trip Travel Bag: My travel bag usually consists of staple pieces that can be mixed and matched, layered or dressed up for a night out. A classic denim jacket, cut-out booties (for day or night), the Goorin Bros. Ricardo straw fedora, a Moleskin for journaling about our adventures, sunscreen, my favorite coral lipgloss, my iPhone (with all my essential travel apps and tunes), a camera, sunnies, a mini travel wallet and an itsy-bitsy bikini.

Road Trip Essentials: My iPhone for starters. I keep it stocked with apps for discovering hidden eateries and events, snapping photos and booking last-minute accommodations. And no road trip is complete without a custom playlist. I always stockpile my iPhone with new tunes before taking off on any adventure.

Hours Long Car Ride Friendly Outfit: In being a bit of a tomboy, I typically lean toward basic comfort pieces. Those go-to travel staples usually include harem pants or a fitted jersey dress paired with sneaks or basic flats. And if there's sun you'll find me layering on the sunscreen and topping it all off with a hat.


What's in Trevor Traynor's All-Excursions Travel Bag: As a photographer, my travel bag includes an assortment of cameras, comfy shoes, my Goorin Bros. Tropicana straw pork pie, a pack that supports the back, silver for my spirit and film gold for the soul. Exploration has always fueled my inspiration in photography. If future plans align, my Goorin should be seeing India, Germany, Mexico, and most definitely some midwest road trip magic!

How to Make Traveling with all Your Gear a Breeze: Less is definitely more. Don’t be afraid to go on an overseas adventure with one backpack. You can buy basics almost everywhere you go. Take your essentials and submerge yourself in a new culture. Usually I bring a selection of cameras but sometimes I hit the road with just my iPhone in hand.

Function Meets Fashion: I try and pack as efficient as possible and I chose the Tropicana pork pie for its packability, breathability, and the fact that it protects me from the sun.


What's in Tonya Smith of The Mop Top's West Coast Travel Bag: Being a fashion blogger, I usually just want my camera, a hat and a cute traveling outfit! In my bag is the Goorin Bros. Cayos Coco straw fedora, a cropped T-shirt, camera, cut-off shorts, comfy flats, and pair of sunglasses.

West Coast Outfit: This outfit is pretty casual. Overall I think my style is pretty minimal with a vintage flare. I like being comfortable when I travel.

Biggest Travel Essential: Definitely my hat. Hats are perfect for on the road, because you don't have to think about doing your hair much. They add personality to any look. I also have to bring my camera when I travel.

Tips for Hat Beginners on Getting into Hat Wearing (and Hat Travels): Just go for it! You might be surprised once you buy one how many more you end up wanting to get. I advise maybe getting a basic colored hat to match more of your wardrobe to make it easy to incorporate.

With these packing lists and travel essentials, you'll find yourself on a tip top trip that's comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. We recommend following these well-traveled folks on their well-packed journeys — follow BlairTrevor and Tonya's excursions over on Instagram. And pssst — check back on the Goorin blog for the expert how-tos on how to pack your hat!

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