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  • Heritage Mugshots Revealed

    Sydney, Australia from 1912 through 1930 sets the scene for the inspiration behind the images that appear before you. An anonymous photographer captured countless mug shots of arrested suspects for the Sydney Police Department. The black and white photographs captured physical appearance, but more strikingly, the soul, character and tenacity of each individual.

    We present our new line of American Made Hats from the Heritage Line in the same manner. Watch and witness Heritage Mugshots Revealed

    Guido Delgado is an American made stingy brim A-crown felt fedora hat. Worn at an angle, this fedora can create signature style. blog_guido

    Soft and lightly colored, Fast Minnie is an ideal felt cloche hat for those with feminine attributes. This sweet American made cloche is a new shape to our Heritage Collection. blog_fastminnie

    Red Ricci is an American made hand-creased A-crown felt fedora hat. With new colors in  it's repertoire, it is truly a Goorin classic which can be easily styled in a variety of ways.

    blog_redricciTina Flapper is a classy American made felt cloche hat that's a staple in any closet. Wear for an elegant night out in your finest dress.

    blog_tinaflapper Dean the Butcher is a classic American made wool felt fedora hat popularly worn by business men from the 1940s to the early 1960s. A "power hat" indeed, it can be worn a variety of way simply by flipping the brim or tilting the hat. blog_dean

    Beverly Corleon is an American made asymmetrical felt fedora hat reminiscent of 1950's movie starlets. It is a sophisticated hat that screams Hollywood bombshell from every angle. blog_beverly

    In the Joey the Wolf fedora, you'll be wearing your hat like a king wears his crown. This American made hat is notoriously classic with its pinch, prominent, wide crown and cool flecked wool felt body. blog_joey


    The Heritage Line is available in all hat shops and online.

    Be our partner in crime and share your version of Heritage Mugshots with us by tagging #GoorinMugshots on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Hats Inspired by America's Heartland

    Paying homage to the men and women of America's Heartland who raise this country's livestock, grow its crops and make our bread, this hearty selection of hats is designed to be the quintessential headwear for those working outdoors.

    View the newest collection from our Goorin Everyday line today - America's Heartland.blog_midwest_1Rough-hewn and rugged, yet stylish and comfortable, this collection is made of lightweight and durable wool blends with soft malleable crowns and brims designed to give a relaxed fit. Completely functional from dawn to dusk, these ballcapsflatcaps and gatsby caps will keep the wearer comfortable at all temperatures. Continue reading

  • Goorin Originals: Hats for Everyday

    Goorin Originals is a collection of caps with shapes that are tried and tested as dependable, durable and down right good looking. Cadet, baseball, ivy and newsboy caps that will never go out of style. Like your favorite pair of jeans, a Goorin Original hat can be the best companion to your everyday wardrobe. With soft brims and organic cotton bodies, these hats can fold up easily for travel and storage.

    dan_1Lieutenant Dan is a military style cadet cap that's great for both men and women. Keep the sun out of your eyes and while looking effortless cool.


    Continue reading

  • Denzel Washington's Hat in 2 Guns Movie

    The summer of movie blockbusters is in full swing and here at Goorin Bros., we're looking forward to 2 Guns movie premiering this Friday. Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington are bringing their A-game to this film and better yet, in true Goorin fashion.

    Yes folks, Denzel Washington is wearing a Goorin Bros. hat indeed. Sporting the Kumara straw fedora in the movie and the movie poster as seen below. Who better than Mr. Washington himself to rock a Heritage hat while taking down bad guys and making it rain.

    Keep a lookout and spot the Goorin cassel logo on the big screen this weekend on Denzel's character, Bobby. Continue reading

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