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  • Panamas

    Ecuador is the home of life-long hatmakers and their weaving tradition that has been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Since Goorin is all about family craftsmanship, it seems like a natural fit to introduce these fine hats into our line. Eight styles for men and women have been exclusively produced in three Grades (10 & 15 - available online, 20 - in select shops) The finer the weave, the more valuable the hat. The finest weaves (Montecristi Superfino) are very resilient and travel well.

  • Gaslamp

    The crew has been in San Diego for the past two days working on mural installations in our upcoming Hat Shop. Here's some progress shots from the first stages of the large mural being executed right now in the Historic Gaslamp District.

  • Closing Reception For The Good, The Bad, And The Cheesy

    If you are in San Francisco tonight check out the closing reception for Steel's show at the Cassel Gallery. Located at 1261 Howard st. off the corner of 9th. March 3rd, 8 - 11pm.

  • Extended Vacation

    One of San Francisco's greatest personalities is having his first solo show Saturday night at Cassel Gallery.

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