Premium Straw

Look Out, Bermoy!

A swoon-worthy straw snap brim fedora, perfect for all your Kentucky Derby festivities. This hat is surely the most classic and bold Derby...
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Main Material: Straw

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Look Out, Bermoy! Fedora

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Mr. Fitsall Explains the

Look Out, Bermoy!

The Shape Bold Hatmakers since 1895


Some say the finest Panamas should hold a gallon of water without leaking a drop, but we think the hardest test for any hat is whether it flatters you – a test our straws and Panamas pass with flying colors.

In 1895, master craftsman Cassel Goorin sold his first hat off a horse cart in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cassel's sons – the Goorin Brothers – continued the tradition of hat making when they moved the family business to San Francisco in 1949.