White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a deconstructed hat that is a shortened version of a traditional top hat with its low crown, sharp yet slightly flipped-up brim, and matching...
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Main Material: Wool

Fabric: 100% Wool

Dimensions:  Brim: 1 1/2", Crown: 3 3/4", Band: 1 1/2"

$130.00 $130.00
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Sizing & Fit Tips

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White Rabbit Heritage Top Hat

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    White Rabbit Heritage Top Hat
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    White Rabbit Heritage Top Hat
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    White Rabbit Heritage Top Hat

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Mr. Fitsall Explains the

White Rabbit

The Lifestyle The Shape Bold Hatmakers since 1895


Pittsburgh. 1895. Cassel Goorin is dedicated to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. Today, the legacy of Cassel continues and follows this timeless approach to the art of hat making.


Sometimes referred to as the derby, the bowler became the hat of choice for the masses at the turn of the century, replacing the more formal top hats, also called toppers.

In 1895, master craftsman Cassel Goorin sold his first hat off a horse cart in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cassel's sons – the Goorin Brothers – continued the tradition of hat making when they moved the family business to San Francisco in 1949.