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Our History

A Family of Bold Hatmakers



A lot has happened since then. The first Olympics. Winnie The Pooh. Sliced bread. The Internet.

However, here at Goorin Bros., the more things change, the more they stay the same.

We’ve been doing the same thing for over a hundred years, when artist and craftsman Cassel Goorin started our company from a humble horse-drawn cart on the streets of Pittsburgh.


The Original Goorin

Cassel Goorin began each of his distinctive hats on a custom wooden hat block. As he added just the right feather, sewed in just the right lining, or even changed the block or pattern entirely, he made each hat as individual as the customer purchasing it.

Cassel’s finely crafted custom hats were renowned for their quality and prized for their unique design, and a business was born.


One of Cassel's creations from our archives - an original bowler.



The Goorin Brothers

Cassel taught his two sons, Alfred and Ted, the art and business of his trade.

When Alfred and Ted took over the family business in 1921, they renamed it Goorin Brothers.


Alfred & Ted Goorin


Grenadier: A Division of Goorin Bros.

The Goorin Brothers continued their father’s legacy of crafting unique, quality hats.

At the same time they evolved the brand, creating the Grenadier line of hats to celebrate their father Cassel Goorin’s passion for outdoor leisure.

Stylishly rugged, the Grenadier line was designed to outfit the hunter, fisherman and camper alike.



Known from Coast to Coast

in 1949, Alfred moved the company’s headquarters to First Street and Mission, in San Francisco, California, blending east coast tradition with west coast lifestyle.

Now known from coast to Coast, Goorin Bros. added hat-related accessories to their successful line of headwear – gloves and mittens, socks, and other sportswear.

Ted, who elected to stay in Pittsburgh, had a unique talent for sourcing the perfect fabric and creating the perfect fit. His passion was our inspiration for our Ted Goorin’s Cut & Sew line of hand-tailored hats.


Ted Goorin, 1949


Ted Goorin's Cut & Sew, today



The Official Headwear of The Olympics

The ski industry played a major part in the growth of the company. Goorin was the official headwear for the VIII Olympic Winter Games.



The Legacy Continues

Cassel Goorin’s great-grandson Ben took the lead of the company with an eye to the future and a strong foundation in his heritage. As a company, we’re a little quirky, and we’re proud of that. After all, we’re a family company, and we do things the “Goorin Way.” We still use vintage equipment and techniques to construct many of our hats, including our popular Heritage line and the Cut and Sew collection. Our shops are designed to evoke the old-world feel of the 1890’s, complete with handsome antiques, luxe Oriental rugs, ornate mirrors, and nostalgic family photos. We’ve got a firm commitment to the art of the hat: for us, creativity and craftsmanship are paramount.



Reviving the Neighborhood Hat Shop

There was a time when neighborhood hat shops existed in just about every community in America, and friendly and knowledgeable Shopkeepers assisted regular customers and created a gathering place similar to a local tavern or barber shop.

Goorin Bros. is bringing back the neighborhood hat shop.

Come on in. Stay awhile. You’re always welcome here.

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