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Are you knit picking?


Close-fitting, knitted or crocheted caps worn for warmth and comfort. These styles are seen from the slopes to the streets in contemporary fashion.


The essential hat; just grab it and go.


Each style of flatcap fits a different face shape and outfit. Although this shape has changed throughout the years it stays true to its original purpose; convenience as an everyday cap.

Unsure of the perfect gift? Let them decide.

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Because giving shouldn’t be difficult. Send them our way for a full experience. We love meeting new people, seeing old friends, and definitely; talking hats. We also make it easy for those that prefer to shop online. Bold things come in small packages.


Leftare Peter

The same shape as our popular High Road. This flat cap features hidden earflaps and is lined with a super soft, plush fleece for extra warmth. Wait until you try it on. Available in select shops and online.

Bob Benson

Wide Brim Fedora

Frenchie Petersen