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Currently Spinning

 Being at home so much last year made me really appreciate the comforts of home, and realize how much the ‘comforts of home’ are vibes of your own creation.   My record player, which had been damaged in a move, had sat unused for a few years, and I was lucky enough to be able to drop it off for repair at a local shop during the pandemic.   Since it’s come back in working order, life at home has been immeasurably better.  As a music lover, there is simply nothing like a vinyl album on your own soundsystem.  With that in mind, here’s what I’ve been reaching for lately…

Sturgill Simpson, Cutting Grass Vol. 2

I discovered this dude last year, and since then Sturgill has become my man crush.  I was late to the game on him, but now that I’ve been bitten by the bug, he’s what I reach for more often that not these days.  I love this limited edition blue vinyl copy this bluegrass album. Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood OST

This soundtrack is just chock full of summer jams.  It’s literally like turning on the radio of some vintage station from the late 60’s. Listen to this one with the windows of your home open and the breeze flowing in.

John Lee Hooker, Alone Vol. 2

John Lee Hooker is The Man.   Being a Chicago boy, there’s not much blues I don’t like, but this series, which featured Hooker by himself with just a guitar, lets the voice shine front and center and you feel like you’re in the room with him.   Just perfect.  Shout out the Fat Possum Records for producing these volumes on wax. The Avalanches, Since I Left You

Just a perfect album.   Such a lush landscape of sounds that this feels less an album and more an animated movie. Highly recommended, and yet more proof that Australia might just be the cultural center of the world.  Yes, I’m serious.LCD Soundsystem, All My Friends 12”

LCD was the band from my 20’s.   I listened to them all the time.  This 12 inch of arguably their most popular song absolutely SCREAMS when cranked up. After a year of isolation, this is the song I'm dancing to with our guests at home.

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