We’re proud to continue working closely with creative minds that inspire us to bring you hats of a different caliber. We’ve always been confident that, “it’s more than just a hat.” A hat is a vehicle that helps to tell one’s story and allows the wearer to become fully expressed. We’ve teamed up with award-winning artist and writer, Paul Madonna, to design a new series of hats that tell not only our story, but we hope his too. His drawings and stories have appeared in numerous international books and journals, as well as galleries and museums, including the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum and the Oakland Museum of California.

“I always need a hat. Whether I’m traveling, drawing, or going out to a show, whether I’m keeping the sun out of my eyes or the rain off my head, I have a hat for each occasion. I’ve been wearing Goorin hats for twenty years, and so when they proposed a collaboration I jumped at the chance. I wanted to make hats I would wear. Outside, they’re the styles I adore: Understated but fashionable. Inside, the linings are the personal touch: Three of my drawings from my hometown of in Francisco. “

“I draw on location, and straight to ink, which means while I made them, I was most likely wearing a Goorin Bros. hat. Practical, stylish, and the finest quality, these are the hats I need.”

– Paul Madonna, 2018