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One lucky winner will be chosen at random on November 5th, 2018 to select a hat of their choice from our CARMELO X GOORIN Fall ’18 Collection, along with a copper foil stamped hatbox and the official vinyl collection poster. Let the countdown begin.


The highly anticipated follow up to “Fresh Greens” is here. We’re proud to introduce our second collection of hats, meticulously designed with NBA All-Star, Carmelo Anthony. This FALL ’18 collection features seven bold styles, each handmade in the U.S.A. using the finest materials available.


Each hat in the collection comes in a bright red box with a metallic embossing of Carmelo’s signature on the inside. The hats are blocked from a variety of materials including wool and leather and feature a burgundy satin lining with Carmelo’s signature and motto in copper leafing. These designs incorporate various finishes
including swirled dyes and camo effects.
The red palette ranges from deep burgundy to a soft rosé,
keeping consistent with the wine theme and also pays homage to
Carmelo’s new venture as a Houston Rocket.

If you wish to track down one of these hats, do so with haste as the production run is limited to just 50 units. The hats are available only through and in-store exclusively at their West Village Hat Shop, beginning
Wednesday, October 17th, at 5 pm EST.

Carmelo Red Box

Carmelo recently showcased a successful soft launch of this collection during New York Fashion Week, with various celebrities and influencers in attendance, including fellow Houston Rockets teammate, James Harden.

During this event, Carmelo provided his inspiration surrounding these hats and his Melo Made projects for NYFW; “I’m a self-taught sommelier. I wanted to bring some of that refinement into this hat collection, with a focus on hues of red and named after my favorite wine grapes. Melo Made is one of my biggest fashion projects.
There were a few brands that were interested in creating capsule collections.
I wanted to put it all together and create this moment.”


Carmelo also collaborated with several other brands this Fall for his Melo Made collection including Rag & Bone, Jordan, Rochambeau, and Famous Nobodies. With the NBA season kicking off, this release marks a key milestone for Carmelo as he pursues winning a championship with the heavily armed Houston Rockets.

As for your chance to make a winning move goes,
the ball is in your court and the clock is ticking.
Get yours HERE.