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This is a great place to either start your hat journey or to build upon your collection. Once you know your favorite core classic fits, adding our seasonal colors and finishes will be a snap. There are two main categories of fit to consider in your hat selection:

shallow crown

A shallow crown has a low visual profile and typically sits flush with the top of your head.

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medium crown

A medium crown is the most common and typically fits right on top of your head. Similar depth to a baseball cap.

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deep crown

Deep crowns are taller profiles generally found with wider brimmed hats.

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We categorize our hats as soft, medium, or stiff. Stiffness is also defined as “Structure” or “Give.”


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Soft hats have advantages because they are packable and easy to care for. They tend to be more comfortable and versatile for any activity.


Great for travel and a good low maintenance choice.


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Medium stiffness hats are versatile for dress and casual and hold their shapes well without being too heavy.


Medium stiffness hats are a great way to get into something stylish even if it's your very first hat.


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Stiff hats have a noticeably heavier weight that retains its rigid shape on and off the head. These may require a "break-in" period for ultimate comfort as they mold to the shape of your head over time.


If you desire a flat, wide brim, stiff hats are a great option for you.


Personal taste and style. Small details make all the difference in hats. Learn more here about brim width, brim type, and common materials. These three categories make up the silhouette and are the most important pieces to begin your journey in discovering your style. See what peaks your interest and dive right in. You are ready.

WIDE brims

Wide brims are 2 3/4 inches or wider.

Our boldest shapes and includes iconic styles like Colonel Pierce and River Gray.

MEDIUM brims

Medium brims are between 2 and 2 1/2 inches.

Popular choices include some our most signature styles, such as Dean the Butcher.

NARROW brims

Narrow brims are 1 3/4 inches or shorter.

Popular choices include Slick Jones and Phil Jones.


Merino sheep are originally from central Spain and their wool has been prized since the Middle Ages. Merino wool is still regarded as being some of the finest and softest available.

Merino wool is highly breathable because the individual fibers of the wool can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture, wicking moisture away from the body so the wearer stays dry and comfortable regardless of temperature.


Premium wool typically refers to wool from Rambouille or Australian sheep.

Wool is praised for its durability, resistance to water, cold weather wear, and its breathable nature.


While toquilla straw is handwoven in Ecuador, these are commonly referred to as Panama straw. This name dates back to US President Teddy Roosevelt bringing this style hat back from his visit to the Panama Canal.

The finer the weave, the more durable the straw. These hats are dipped with a propriety formula to leave your Panama water resistant and prevent the straw from cracking. Panamas hats are lightweight and provide the best sun protection.

FLAT brim

Flat brims are very popular and for good reason, they are flat out stylish. Flat brims come in a variety of colors, materials and finishing details that give you the perfect hat you've envisioned. These hats tend to be all about the style and less about the function.

Flat brims tend to be quite stiff to be able to maintain the flatness of the brim. Many find that a "break-in" period is needed for ultimate comfort.

SNAP brim

To snap up or snap down. That is the question. It's a debate among many serious hat wearers, some swear by the snap down, others would never dare. We've simplified this and our snap brims give you the choice.

Which will you be?


Pencil curl brims are predominantly found on our wide brim hats. The pencil curl refers to the curled edge of the brim. It's a very distinguishing feature that is sure to stand out in a world full of snap brims.

If you're a fan of flat brims, a pencil curl is a great option for you as they still maintain the flat brim apperance, but will give you a nice variety within your looks.


“I am not a hat guy at all - even a baseball cap is often a bit too much for me sometimes. However, the comfort, style, and craftsmanship of the Dean the Butcher hat has turned me into the kind of guy who wears a hat all the time now.”

-Logan, loyal customer

“Absolutely love the Billy. I love the stiffness of it compared to the softness of others. The overall look and feel of this hat are fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a hat in this style, be you a veteran hat owner or someone looking for your first one.”

-Travis, loyal customer



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