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One thing about our company: when you work at Goorin Bros., it feels like family.
So we loved hearing about our Savannah team’s favorite hats.

Though many of us have collected quite a few caps in our time as haberdashers,
we all have that certain one that we love most.
Perhaps it has the most elaborate decorations, maybe it goes with every outfit,
could be that it holds it’s own against nature’s fiercest elements,
or perhaps it has traveled with us on our most memorable adventures.

Whatever the reason, we all have that hat that could only be described as singularly “ours.”


Savannah Ryan

“While the High Country speaks volumes on its own as a Heritage quality hat with a stampede strap, in order to make it mine I roughed up the wool a bit.
I first used fire to scar the backside of the hat, giving it an uneven texture. I then used a combination of old coffee and wood stain to create a splatter effect
on the top of my brim and crown. From head on this hat looks like it was freshly picked up off the shelf, but as I tip my head and doff my lid, the true character of my hat can be seen.”

Ryan Verplanck, shopkeeper


Savannah  Mike

“The Red Ricci is my hat because the fit is perfect for me. The custom accoutrements make it very personal to me as well.”

Mike Talley, Merchant


Savannah Lily

“The North Fork was the first hat I bought at Goorin Bros., the first hat I fell in love with. It was May when I got it. That night I took it to a bar and had everyone step on it, just to see the scuffs and marks, just to see how well it would hold up. I’ve collected pressed flower pins and golden french horns, gifts from a friend’s trip to Paris. Every hat says something different.”

Lily Avery, Merchant


Savannah Jake

“The Dirt Road is my go-to emergency hat. I always carry it around in my back pocket. And it highlights my mustache!”

Jake Calle, Merchant


Savannah James

“The color, cut, and shape makes a bold fashion statement. Topping off my style with the Rylan Raleigh gives me confidence that my look is complete.”

James Lee Smith, Merchant


Savannah Iszy

“My Goodman has been with me for over a year and has seen everything from Maine winters to Savannah rainfall. It has been an alternating scrapbook of personal artifacts, once holding a butterfly wing and a porcupine quill that were both lost on a windy beach adventure. It is now adorned with a long-stem pin and feather from Nashville, a pin made of two coyote teeth, and a dried flower from my favorite window box in Savannah.”

Iszy Bonney, Assistant Shopkeeper


Savannah George

“Oh doctor my doctor. This hat has everything I look for in a good hat: tall crown wide brim. Dressed in an array of symbols of devotion and love the doctor takes a place of authority in its own right but lends a humility to me. Indeed I own The Doctor. ”

George Bennett, Merchant


Remember: a hat is only the beginning. Be bold and make it your own!