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During the whirlwind that is the holidays, we all need a go-to outfit
that works from 9 to 5…and then works overtime!

Lucky for you, we partnered with our friends at Canvas Styling
to style a few looks that can transition from a day at the office to a night on the town.

These outfits will seamlessly take you from “workplace” to “wow” in a few simple steps.

Bold and luxe

Rev things up with a bold print – but in an office-friendly silhouette.
Start out the day with a basic tailored blazer, and add pops of seasonal color.

stylist picks

When it’s time to party, swap the blazer for faux fur,
layer on some serious bling, and slip on some metallic shoes.
Done and done!

stylist picks

Style tip: the Mama Jones hat. This stunner stands out in a crowd.
The deep cranberry color is the perfect pop for all those wintery shades in your closet,
and the double leather band with antique brass buckles
is perfect for your (slightly) wild side.

Elegant high/low

Stun them right off the bat with an elegant blazer (love this one in blue velvet – impressive).
Paired with jeans and a button-down shirt, this look strikes the perfect balance of high/low.


stylist picks

By adding some pops of color with a belt and tie, you can take this look to the next level…
then sit back and get ready to revel in the compliments.

stylist picks


Style tip: the Good Boy. Have you been one?


If you work in a casual office, pair a patterned blouse with jeans and a fun pair of shoes by day.

stylist picks

By night, layer on the luxe!
Piling on details like fur and gold creates a fantastic retro-glam look that’s perfect for parties.

stylist picks

Style tip: the Beauregard. Mix it up and get down with this standout piece.

The pop of color is a perfect accent to cold-weather neutrals,
and smooth brushed wool paired with a raw edge make this hat unique.

Smart Basics

A pair of jeans, a casual pair of shoes and a nice sweater are all you need for this look.

stylist picks


Style it up with a smart patterned shirt, and you’re done!

stylist picks


Style tip: the Pascal hat. Featured in a gorgeous chocolate brown with a double-satin band,
this classic brim fedora will get you there in style.

Footloose and fancy-free

You can recreate this sweet look easily with pieces you already have in your closet.
Pair jeans with colorful flats, a fun tee and chunky jewelry…
then add a statement hat for a “wow” factor.

stylist picks


You can easily transition this look to nighttime by layering on a polished jacket
and adding sparkly jewelry and shoes.

stylist picks

Style tip: the Freddie Temple.
It’s showtime. With a stunning pencil rolled brim and telescope crown,
this hat is an instant crowd pleaser.


It’s the season for celebrating, so make sure to work your look at that holiday party.

Happy holidays!

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