Goorin Together   - Contest Details

Goorin Together

Contest Details

We're looking for couples showing off their best and most recent Goorin purchases. The winning couple will each receive a $100 gift card on us. Must use the hashtag #goorintogether20. The deadline is Feb 18th. Please stick to only 2-3 posts. In the meantime, scroll down to see stories of some of our favorite couples.

Dee & Erika -

Dee & Erika

We actually met on FB. I (Erika) had a rock band at the time and Dee was a solo jazz artist. He sent a message in my DM and asked me the cheesiest ice breaker line ever: “I wonder what you get when you mix a jazz artist and a rock artist together?” I checked out a few of his videos, went to a few of his shows, and instantly became a fan of his!  Shortly after our online encounter, fate brought us together on 3 different occasions. #1 a month later he happened to be the scheduled sound mixer on one of my rock shows. #2 We were booked on the same gig a few months after the 1st encounter. He was a fill-in keyboardist and I was the fill-in vocalist. #3 We were double booked by accident for a radio interview at the same time.

Michael & Frilancy -

Michael & Frilancy

Back in 2013, my friends begged me to go out bowling. Of all places… I worked so much and never thought of going bowling. Well. this evening I did. To my surprise, I was in the lane next to the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. She was wearing blue jeans and a white tee shirt. This was hilarious, largely due to the fact that I also was wearing a white tee and blue jeans. I am not sure what came over me, but I B-lined to her and exclaimed: “You must go on a date with me." She looked at me sideways as if I was crazy (and she was probably right). Either way, I handed her my phone number on a piece of paper, she texted me the following evening. “Where are you taking me out to eat?”….the rest is history.

Lyndsey & LP -

Lyndsey & LP

Lyndsey: I wasn't looking for a relationship, or really even a date when LP wandered into Sunday afternoon kickball. In fact, it took several weeks of them showing up before I realized they were flirting with me. Lucky for me, they are deeply patient and stuck with me through the "I need to look at my calendar", a lunchtime first date, and 3 months of "I can't promise you anything” stuff. LP: Soon after moving to Nashville, I was invited to a kickball game. Among the many new faces was Lyndsey. I instantly was drawn to her and knew I had to find a way to get to know her better. I kept showing up to kickball and even finagled my way onto the team. Eventually, I was able to snag a time on Lyndsey’s calendar.... But she offered me a lunchtime date? I thought #friendzone for sure, but nope! She fell for my irresistible charm.