Hat 101

Hat Care

The best hats also deserve the best care. If you don’t feel comfortable with performing anything mentioned here, then stop by your local Goorin Bros. hat shop. We’d love to help.

Handling Your Hat

To help preserve the shape of your hat, handle it by the brim as often as possible. It’s ok to grab your hat by the crown, just be conscious of how heavy your grip is. Prolonged handling of the hat by its crown can change the shape or crack the straw.

Storing Your Hat

A hat box is the safest place to store your hats when they are not being worn. We recommend storing most styles upside down on the crown as this is often the sturdiest part of the hat, thus protecting the shape of the brim. With open crown styles, such as a cloche or bowler, you'll want to create a round nest inside the box using a soft paper in which to rest the hat in. This will protect the crown’s round shape from pressing flat by preventing it from coming in contact with the bottom of the box.

It is ok to stack multiple hats with similar crown shapes together inside of a box if room is available, just make sure that the heavier weight styles are on the bottom and the lighter on top. Do not stack light and dark styles together as certain dyes may transfer during storage.

Hat boxes are now purchased in shops, only. Please check our nearby locations for availability. For dimension inquiry:

SMALL 11" dia x 5"H

MEDIUM 12"dia x 7"H

LARGE 14"dia x 8"H

X-LARGE 17.5"dia x 8.5"H

How to Pack a Packable Hat for Travel

How do you know if your hat is packable? Look for the packable icon on the hat's product description page. The packability feature of a hat not only speaks to its convenience, but also its durability. A packable hat tends to be more resilient at maintaining its shape, especially in the event of a mishap that might typically crush a hat. We do not recommend leaving a packable hat rolled up for long term storage, but rather traveling from point A to point B. Promptly unroll it once you arrive at your destination and steam your hat to refresh it when necessary.

  1. Pop up the crown
  2. Fold the brim down
  3. Collapse the hat, flat
  4. Roll it up

How to Pack a Non-Packable Hat for Travel

The best way to travel with any non-packable hat is to wear it on your head. However, if you need to pack and go, here’s how:

  1. Stuff your hat with (clean) socks or a t-shirt.
  2. Create a hat-sized nest inside of your suitcase.
  3. Place your hat carefully into the nest, crown down, making sure that the brim is in the position which you prefer. (flipped up or down).
  4. Cover the hat with a layer of clothing.
  5. Once you arrive, remove your hat promptly, steam if necessary, and enjoy.

How to Brush Your Hat

We recommend brushing your hat regularly, especially for those of you with pets at home or when you're not storing it in a hat box. Always brush your hat before spot cleaning or applying protective treatments .

  1. Brush the hat using a counterclockwise motion, moving with the natural grain of the felt, pulling debris out and away. **Watch video for more details.
  2. Apply firm pressure when brushing most materials for best results.
  3. Follow up with a house hold lint roller to remove any stubborn stray lint or hair.
  4. Massage you hat back into the desired shape and enjoy.

How to Apply RAINDRI - Water and Stain Repellent

Raindri’s secret recipe has been in the Goorin family for decades; specially formulated to provide a reliable barrier between your hats and the elements. Raindri is safe for use on a variety of outerwear, not just your hats. We recommend testing first in a small inconspicuous area for compatibility. Exclusively sold in stores.

  1. Apply Raindri hat spray to a clean and dry hat.
  2. Holding the can 10 to 12 inches away, spray evenly over the entire surface in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Repeat if necessary but avoid saturating the hat with too heavy of a coating so that it dries properly, and completely.
  4. Let your hat completely dry for approx. 30 minutes. Apply Raindri every few months, depending on the wear of your hat.
  5. Should a pretreated hat get wet, let it dry and reapply.

How to Spot Clean a Hat

Always spot clean by hand. The longer that you wait to treat a stain, the more difficult it becomes to remove.

Do not dry clean hats. Do not machine wash hats. We’ve created a guide including popular household items that will make spot cleaning your hat as quick and simple as possible:

  1. Create a gentle cleaning solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of mild clear detergent or clear dish soap into 1 cup of cold water.
  2. Dip a clean cotton cloth or house hold dish sponge into the solution and gently ring it out. Try not to saturate the material as this can affect the shape of the hat.
  3. Blot at the stain to lift out. Do not rub, as this can disrupt or damage the surface of the material. 
  4. Using a clean, dry cloth, blot the wet area to absorb as much moisture as possible and remove any detergent left behind.
  5. Finish by letting the hat air dry completely. Repeat as necessary.

Keep this in mind when cleaning the following materials:

Natural fibers

Cotton, linen, and wool are all prone to shrinkage if too saturated. Some linens and wools are treated with stiffeners or starch and can lose their nice, crisp shape when washed.


Make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Dip a nylon-bristle brush in the solution, shake off the excess and rub gently over the stain, then allow to dry. Follow up with soft brush or emery board to restore the suede’s natural finish and texture.


Avoid using a soap and water solution on straw although you can lightly test in an inconspicuous area first. We recommend to gently remove dirt from straw using a white artist eraser. Avoid colored erasers as the pigment can transfer to the straw, discoloring it.

How to Dry Your Hat

Caught in the rain? Poolside accident? This process should be pretty easy if you pretreated your hat with our Raindri hat spray. Here’s what to do once you’re safely inside.


  • Dry your hat as soon as possible to avoid shrinkage.
  • Use a clean cloth to gently pat dry the outside of your hat.
  • Place your hat on a clean towel resting upside down on its crown.
  • Fold the sweatband out to allow it to completely dry.
  • Once most of the moisture has been patted out, let your hat air-dry naturally in a cool, dry place with plenty of circulation.


  • Do not apply heat to your hat, as this may cause it to shrink.
  • Do not sun dry hats. This can cause hats to shrink or straws to become brittle and prematurely crack. Once straw has cracked, there is little chance for hat repair.

How to Keep Your Straw Hat from Drying Out 

If you can "hear" your hat upon handling, especially with natural straw types such as Toquilla, then the straw may be drying out. To remedy this situation, apply steam with a garment steamer, tea kettle, or pot of boiling water. Do not place the hat directly into the heat source, but rather let the hat absorb the rising steam. Use caution while steaming your straw, as it can burn your hand.

Another alternative is to hang your hat in the bathroom the next time you take a shower. As the steam fills the bathroom, the straw will naturally absorb this vital moisture. No creaky sounds? Perfect.

*Exercise caution with paper straw hats, as they do not require additional steaming and can lose their shape when exposed to conditions that are too moist or humid.

How to Reshape Your Hat

A little steam goes a long way as we've just covered. Apply steam to the hats surface per one of the above recommendations. The material’s fibers will soften and become more pliable. (*Be careful not to overdo it.) At this point you can work the crown, brim, or body by hand back into its original shape or the desired shape, such as turning the brim down. A little steam, a little work, repeat.