Dr. Fahamu Pecou - @fahamupecou

Dr. Fahamu Pecou


Dr. Fahamu Pecou is an interdisciplinary artist and scholar whose works combine observations on hip-hop, fine art and popular culture. Pecou's paintings, performance art, and academic work addresses concerns around contemporary representations of Black masculinity and how these images impact both the reading and performance of Black masculinity.

Grace Kisa - @studiokisa

Grace Kisa


"My art reflects the relationship between myself and the world around us. Through this work, I explore the connections between personal, cultural, national and global perspectives. In this way my art serves as both bridge and conduit."

Zipporah Joel - @zipporahjoel

Zipporah Joel


Zipporah Joe’l Peay is a 29-year-old painter and muralist. Like most Atlantans, she’s a transplant, coming from Rembert, South Carolina (population: 400-ish), where her mother kept her busy with crafting and creating. She likes to paint figurative pieces, women and specifically brown women because she didn’t see herself represented in street art a lot.

Melissa Mitchell - @abeillecreations

Melissa Mitchell


Melissa Mitchell is an Atlanta-based, self-taught artist, who has a love for vibrant colors, unique shapes, and bold dark lines. She attributes her Bahamian heritage, melodic sounds and the colorful world around her as her greatest inspirations.

C Flux Sing - @cfluxsing

C Flux Sing


Painter, illustrator, muralist, and digital artist. Not content with just a canvas, C Flux Sing's art is limitless. Interesting and unpredictable, his art is a salute to the ancestors, presented in the modern world. His weapon is a balanced plate of colors, creating a foundation of pure energy and positive vibrations. Uplifting.

Alexander John - @alexanderjohndesign

Alexander John


Alexander-John is a multifaceted artist with an extensive resume as a photographer, sneaker customizer, and interior/footwear/fashion designer. He’s known for his clean aesthetic and outstanding design skills, creating one-of-a-kind pieces in many different mediums.

DL Warfield - @dlwarfield

DL Warfield


The Atlanta based artist and designer, DL Warfield, is an award-winning, critically acclaimed artist and designer. His creative company, GOLDFINGER, has delivered works for some of today’s hottest artists including Usher, Outkast, T.I., Pink, TLC, Michael Jackson, Keri Hilson, Young Jeezy, and Justin Bieber.

Sean Fahie - @seanfahie

Sean Fahie


Contract Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Creative Consultant, Author based out of Atlanta, GA.

Vek Neal - @vekking

Vek Neal


With over two decades of experience and creating countless pieces of art, Vek is a highly creative idea coach, senior designer and contemporary artist. Based in Atlanta, GA his work is in both public and private collections and has been housed in several art galleries and exhibits.

Power Haus Creative - Ash Nash

Power Haus Creative

Ash Nash

Power Haus creates streamlined project processes and has worked with some of Atlanta’s top visual artists to ensure projects meet professional, creative and cultural standards. Founded and operated by creative consultant and Arts and underserved community advocate "Ash" Nash, Power Haus Creative focuses on socio-economic change, leveraging creative equity so that artists have the resources and support needed for sustainable careers and ensuring the underserved are well represented within their communities. 

Esquire Branding Agency - Matthew Harper @esquiremane

Esquire Branding Agency

Matthew Harper @esquiremane

Esquire Branding Agency @esquirebranding is a strategic planning company with a focus in email marketing, graphic design, event planning and brand activation -- targeted toward creatives and professionals. Their goal is to create dynamic and impactful experiences for their customers and patrons. They highlight businesses, products and pride themselves on consistently delivering high quality results.

Steve West Photo - Steve West

Steve West Photo

Steve West

When Steve West started his career as a graphic designer over 20 years ago, the thing that excited him the most was getting to work with photographers. He studied photography in college and understood the basics. But working side by side with them on projects, that’s where the real learning happened. In 2015 he stepped away from the marketing and advertising world and focused on his new jewelry company. This gave him the opportunity to travel and do more photography. Instead of standing off to the side, he’s behind the camera telling stories.

ADAMA - African Diaspora Art Museum of Atlanta


African Diaspora Art Museum of Atlanta

ADAMA is an innovative contemporary art museum and cultural institution highlighting the global Black experience. Our programmatic mission is to present and advance the exploration and conversations around 21st century contemporary art and culture of the African Diaspora through exhibitions, programs, and artist residencies