Due to the limited nature and quick sell outs with these styles:

- Farm Drops are non-returnable

- Only 2 units allowed per household

- Farm Drops cannot be cancelled

Be sure to triple check your shipping info prior to purchase. We will not be able to update once your order has been accepted

We are aware of the inability to refresh the app while it is open.

If you are in the app waiting for a drop to appear at time of release, you will not see live-content updates. Please shut down the app and re-open.

You will receive a push notification the moment the drop becomes live, so no need to wait within the app.

We are actively working on adding the ability for content to be refreshed while in the app.

Inputting a coupon code:

One tap ordering through Apple Pay and Google Pay do not provide a place to input a coupon code.

If you want to use a code, you'll need to check out the traditional way - just click Add to Bag from the product page. It's a simple one page checkout so you can stay swift.

Many have told us they missed the drop now that it's in-app only, despite able to buy most weeks on Goorin.com.

As these drops appeared on the website, buyers began learning tricks to access them quicker than others. It was always intended that Friday Drops would be a first come, first served release. However, this first come, first serve experience has diminished for many customers, as they've been beaten by the same customers every week who know tricks they don't.

With these drops now available exclusively through the app, everyone gets notified at the same time and has access them at the same time.

We understand that it is frustrating for those that were used to getting every drop. However, many customers are now receiving their first drop(s).

Friday Drops will continue to sell-out quickly and be available for those that are there in the moment.

We are aware of customers who try to circumvent our quantity limits.

Our app will continue to provide a roadblock to these users, and we are actively working on stronger prevention technology. Any order that exceeds our policy will be cancelled without notice.

Any persistent attempts to violate our policy will result in a ban from ordering future drops.

If you’ve purchased a product from Goorin.com, that does not mean you’ve created an account with us. If you are unsure if you’ve created an account with your email address, try resetting your password – if you do not receive an email to reset your password, you will need to create an account.

International Shipping / Download Access:

Goorin Drops is available to download in every country Apple and Google allow.

However, we don't currently offer direct shipping outside of the US unless you go through a freight forwarding service.



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