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Ready for a little challenge?

We’ve got one for you: take this pop quiz.

Today’s topic: Hat Storage!

Scroll down for answers…and don’t peek!


Question #1

When placing your hat in a hat box, should you put it upside down (crown first) or right-side up (brim first)?





Place your hat upside down (crown first) inside the hatbox.
This will preserve the shape as well as allow you to pick up the hat by its brim
(which is the correct way to handle a hat).


Question #2

Where is the best possible place to store a hat?





For best results, store your hat in a hatbox to protect both the materials
and the shape of the hat from harm and damage.



Question #3

In which order should you stack these hats: straw, cotton, leather, wool?





Leather, wool, cotton, straw.
If you’re stacking multiple hats inside one hatbox, be sure to stack
heavier fabrics (wool, leather, angora) on the bottom of the stack,
and lightweight fabrics (straw, linen, cotton) on top



Question #4

Where should you NEVER store a hat?





Keep your hat away from enclosed heated areas.

  • Hats should never be stored in your car.
  • Do not keep your hats in direct sunlight (next to a window, for example)



Question #5

What is the best way to travel with a hat?





5. The very best way to travel with a hat is to wear it. A close second is to use a quality hat box.



Extra credit

What does “nest pack” mean, and when would you do it?






“Nest pack” is a special tip for cloches.

To store a cloche, be sure to nest pack it inside a hatbox.
To do this, roll two sheets of butcher paper into C-shapes
and place in the bottom of the box, then place the cloche inside the “nest” you’ve created.


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