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Provides adequate airflow, allowing you to keep your cool, in hot and humid conditions.

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Snap it down for a traditional take, or improved sun coverage. Snap it up for a more contemporary, approachable look.

Milan Hemp Straw

Milan Hemp Straw
  • Sourced from the Hemp Plant
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Durable

Milan straw hats are crafted in a “sewn-braid” method. A variety of hemp straw is braided into long flat braids, and then sewn together in an outwards spiral from the center top portion of the hat. These braids often are made with gaps in them to produce a lightweight, ventilated hat body.

Hat Sizing Guide

Adult Sizes

XS S M L XL XXL One Size (OS)*
CM 54 55.5 57 59 61 63 55-61
Inches 21¼ 21⅝ 22½ 23¼ 24 24⅞ 21⅝ - 24
US Sizes 6⅞ 7⅛ 7⅜ 7⅝ 7⅞ 6⅞ - 7⅝
UK Sizes 6⅝ 7 6¾ - 7½

*For baseballs currently: a 4-snap-in back strap means the size range is 55cm-61cm with 58cm as the center

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