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Provides adequate airflow, allowing you to keep your cool, in hot and humid conditions.

Parasisal Straw

Parasisal Straw
  • Fine natural fiber made the from Sisal plant.
  • Easily Sculpted
  • Takes Dye Well
  • Naturally Flexible
  • High Tear Strength

A refined and dressy straw with natural sheen. With a moderate durability, this straw hat can be both flexible or stiffened and blocked into a sculptural dress hat. Parasisal hats are most commonly found at the Kentucky Derby, church, and royal weddings.

Where It’s Made

Korber Image

Fall River, MA

Est. 1919

Our American Made straws are made by a fourth-generation family owned business that was started in 1919 by Master Hatter, Jacob Korber.  The factory specializes in all types of straws and felt headwear both for men and ladies. They are known in the hat world for their craftsmanship and quality of their Panama straw hats. As one of the last standing hat factories in the US we have partnered with this factory to hand-block the finest American Made and Panama straw hats. For our Panama Collection, we work with Ecuadorian businesses to hand weave toquilla straw for our hats. From there, we ship the straw to our American Made Straw factory, which uses the best technology with old world  techniques to hand-block and give each hat the perfect finish.

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