This teardrop crown fedora with a snap brim, is hand woven by master weavers. Each piece is made from the highly durable Shantung straw and takes approx. 3-5 days to weave. It features a grosgrain hatband with a pinch bow, wicking sweatband, and is UPF rated at 50+.These exclusive hats are limited to 66 pieces worldwide. They are the last of its craft and wont be available for the next few years.



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Great for any time of the year, in the absence of extreme conditions.

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Flip up

The entirety of the brim is flipped up; found mainly in the width of stingy & classic hat.

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Considered "excellent" for sun protection and provides a 98% UV radiation block.

Shantung Straw

Shantung Straw
  • 100% Paper Straw
  • Moderately Durable
  • High Quality
  • Softens with Wear
  • Perfect for Dry Climates

Shantung straw is a Japanese glaze over paper straw that is machine rolled and hand-woven into a conical body/bell forming a hat body that is ready to be blocked into the desired hat shape. Our hats are glazed in Japan, woven in China, and then blocked here in the U.S.