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It’s no mystery that Goorin Bros. is built upon the foundation of ‘family.’ As a matter of fact, we proudly wear it on our sleeves and heads. We are storytellers. Real people and real hats equate to real stories. This past April we packed our bags and headed south to Bakersfield, CA, for our Summer 17’ photo shoot. Here we would discover the rich history of our very own, Director of Design, Anna Delis’ upbringing. The vast countryside seemed to go on forever, reminding us to slow down and take it all in. Anna’s family was equally inviting and comparably as large. It made perfect sense to us that we were in the right place, but we’ll let Anna take this one:

I like to tell people that I grew up in the 18th century. I lived two miles from the nearest neighbor and 30 minutes from the nearest town, on an agriculture farm, with my five brothers and sisters. No television and miles of ‘backyard’ to explore. My father was a 6th generation farmer and my mother was a very hard worker with incredible sewing skills.


I was raised to appreciate the values of a simple life. We grew and hunted what we ate, we made what we wore, we reaped what we sowed, and family was everything.
Growing up on the farm was pure bliss for a kid. We were told to be back home by dark and explored all day. Catching feral kittens, building forts, climbing trees, and running for miles. When we were hungry we would pick peaches and nectarines from the trees or pull a carrot from the ground.


Hats were a part of my story from the very beginning. On the farm, we were outside 14-16 hours a day and without a hat, we wouldn’t last very long. The only thing between us and the mid-summer sun, and the below-freezing temps were the clothes on our backs, our shoes, and our hat.


I learned at a very young age about the many different hats and their purpose and functions for each season. Straw wide brims for 110 degree summers and felt wide brims for fall and late winter. Dead of winter was usually a British wool flat cap with earflaps or a knit cap.


When I landed a job at Goorin Brothers working with design, I realized the connection to my life’s values: there needs to be a purpose behind what we do, in order to make the world a better place. The foundation of why hats exist is for function. Hats keep us dry, warm, shaded and protected from the elements. That is a powerful business to be in.

I’ve wanted to do a photo shoot in Bakersfield for years, because of how I relate to hats from where I came from. Bakersfield has so much to offer in regards to where I get my inspiration from.

I hope that you enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed creating it. It’s a great feeling when you are able to bring family and work together. What’s next?