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Care instructions

Get a Grip

Hats don’t ask for much and are quite forgiving, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some love! It’s natural to want to grab a hat by the pinch, but if you want to maintain those curves, it’s best to handle your hat by the brim. Over time, picking your hat up by the pinch will discolor the felt, cause the pinches to cave in, or for a straw, it can cause cracks.

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Keep It Clean

Whether you have a pet at home, don’t store your hat in a hat box, or simply live in the real world where dirt is present, you’ll find that a hat brush comes in very handy for removing dust and debris. Brush the hat heavily in a counterclockwise motion to refresh it before wearing or preparing it for cleaning.

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Stay Fresh

If you notice your hat growing old, showing wrinkles, or beginning to put off odor, a bit of steam will work wonders. Grab a garment steamer or boil a pot of water, hold the trouble areas on your hat over the steam and use your hand to manipulate the shape or wrinkles out.

Pro-tip: If your grosgrain hat band becomes wrinkled, splash some cold water on the band and the wrinkles will magically disappear upon drying.

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