Hat 101

What's your head size?

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter, and one size does not fit all. Measuring your head to ensure that you select the right size hat is easy, and depending on your idea of a good time, incredibly fun. Here's how:

*Complimentary sizing tape available in shops or by contacting support@goorin.com

Sizing Guide

Adult Sizes

XS S M L XL XXL One Size (OS)*
CM 54 55.5 57 59 61 63 55-61
Inches 21¼ 21⅝ 22½ 23¼ 24 24⅞ 21⅝ - 24
US Sizes 6⅞ 7⅛ 7⅜ 7⅝ 7⅞ 6⅞ - 7⅝
UK Sizes 6⅝ 7 6¾ - 7½

*For baseballs currently: a 4-snap-in back strap means the size range is 55cm-61cm with 58cm as the center

Kid Sizes

Small/Medium Medium/Large One Size (OS)
CM 50 - 52 52 - 54 50 - 54
Inches 19⅝ - 20½ 20½ - 21¼ 19⅝ - 21¼

So, what hat suits you best?

Selecting the right hat can seem daunting, but great news; there’s a hat out there for everyone and you’ve come to the right place. At Goorin Bros. we make finding the perfect hat fun and effortless.

Hats for Round-Shaped Faces image

Hats for Round-Shaped Faces

A round face is about as wide as it is long, with a wider forehead, full cheeks, and a rounded chin.

Try balancing out your face shape with a boxy crown and/or a wide brim.

Low Country Image

Low Country

Short Brim Fedora


Slick Carter Image

Slick Carter

Medium Brim Fedora


Phil Jones Image

Phil Jones

Short Brim Fedora


Hats for Oval-Shaped Faces image

Hats for Oval-Shaped Faces

An oval face is longer than it is wide, with fairly straight lines running from temple to jaw, and a round chin.

Try hats with a shorter crown and/or a wider brim to avoid elongating your profile.

Odis Lee Image

Odis Lee

Medium Brim Fedora


Dan Pines Image

Dan Pines

Short Brim Fedora


Wonder Image


Short Brim Fedora


Hats for Diamond-Shaped Faces image

Hats for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Widest at the cheekbones, your face is highly angular, with a wide forehead and a tapered chin.

Try hats with a shorter crown and a medium width brim.

Butch Jackson Image

Butch Jackson

Medium Brim Fedora


Puerto Lopez Image

Puerto Lopez

Wide Brim Fedora


Ruby Clark Image Ruby Clark Image

Ruby Clark

Wide Brim Fedora


Hats for Square-Shaped Faces image

Hats for Square-Shaped Faces

A square face has a strong jawline, a wide forehead, and wide cheekbones.

Avoid styles that are flat or angular. Hat shapes with curving lines will be especially flattering on you.

Snappy Dresser Image

Snappy Dresser